What Size Should a Puzzle Table Be?

What Size Should a Puzzle Table Be?

A puzzle table is either a full-sized table, a topper or box which is specifically designed for completing and storing puzzles. A lot of them have a similar design to an artist’s easel but with different dimensions and many different types available.

What size should a puzzle table be?

There is no standard size for a puzzle table. You should ensure that it’s big enough to accommodate the biggest puzzle that you have. 30” x 20” is going to be wide enough to accommodate almost all 1,000-piece puzzles but there are some which are larger than this.

Is there a standard size?

1,000 pieces are the most common piece-size when it comes to adult puzzles. With puzzles such as this, you’ll commonly see their sizes to be 29.5″ x 19.7″ or 27.56” x 19.69”, for example. This is why a 30” x 20” is seen as a good minimum size.

Even then, a lot of people who complete jigsaws like to have space around the picture in which to layout their unused pieces and in that respect, having a puzzle table which is around 35″ x “25 is going to be the perfect solution.

Another piece-size of jigsaw that is common is 5,000 pieces. A lot of these will be approximately 60″ x 40″ size and would, therefore, need a much bigger table. Again, you’d probably need to accommodate having some space around the jigsaw.

There isn’t a standard size and therefore it’s simply a good idea to get a puzzle table that matches the dimension of puzzle that you like completing. Before purchasing a jigsaw, you can double-check the dimensions to ensure it will fit.

While that is true, it could be that you have one manufacturer of puzzles that you always use. In this instance, it is more likely that they’ll have more of a standard sizing for their puzzles. This will allow you to buy them with more confidence.

What to look for in a puzzle table

All puzzle tables are going to be a little different from each other. Here we look at the key features and what you should be looking for.

Comfort – There is no point in getting a huge puzzle board if you’re not going to be able to reach into the corners. If you need to sit on a chair, then you have to think about how it will practically work.

Some people don’t want to be leaning over a table for hours on end. If you struggle with mobility when it’s worth getting a smaller puzzle table and find jigsaws with smaller pieces if you need a challenge.

Shape – So far we’ve only discussed rectangular tables as this is the most common shape. There are other options with circular and square tables available.

Many users like these as it allows them to try different types of puzzles or put their pieces outside the main jigsaw. The right shape for you is going to largely depend on your preference and the type of space you have.

Legs or not – Some puzzle tables will literally be a full table that can sometimes be folded whereas others will simply be a table topper. If you have space then a full table would be a great idea but a topper would be a lot more portable.

If you need a particularly large surface area then getting a full table may be an issue for a lot of people.

Security – A lot of these puzzle tables will allow you to store away your puzzle and keep it covered until you use it again. This will also allow you to transport it if needs be and put it away.

These require more space for storage and are often heavier. If you want to protect your puzzle without rolling it up, then they’ll be perfect.

Storage – If you want to have a puzzle table then it’s unlikely that you’re going to want it to be out on display permanently. You need to consider where you are going to store it and how big your storage space is.

There is no point in getting a huge puzzle table if you’ll have nowhere to put it.

What is a puzzle table?

A puzzle table is the name for any surface that has been purposefully made for the making of puzzles. They come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. They are often backed by a felt surface to allow the puzzle pieces to stay in position while you complete it.

What are the dimensions of 1000 piece puzzle?

There is no standard dimension for a 1,000 piece jigsaw but most of them fit into a space of 30” x 20”. You shouldn’t take this for granted as there can be variations but the majority will be ever so slightly under those two figures.

What is the right puzzle table size for me?

You need to weigh up what types of puzzles you love to play, how big they are and if you can make the space available. After that, you need to think about storage and your comfort. Everyone is different and while you may want to have a huge puzzle table, it may not be practically possible.

Getting a puzzle table with dimensions of 35”x25” will allow you to play most puzzles while not being too big. That is still quite sizeable and it may be a better solution to get something a little smaller or perhaps a different shape.

What can I use as a puzzle table?

If you have a large table at home then a cheap and easy idea could be to buy some felt and lay it down. To secure it in place you could even clamp it to the table. What’s amazing about felt is that if you have a large cardboard tube, you’d be able to roll up your puzzle and preserve it.

Other ideas can include using a yoga mat, carpet, a rubber mat or a blanket. None of these are perfect solutions but can be good substitutes.

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