What is the difference between LEGO and LEGO Technic?

What is the difference between LEGO and LEGO Technic?

LEGO is easily the most popular brands that manufacture plastic-based construction sets for kids and adults, but not many people know too much about them other than that they’re offering very entertaining and flexible toy sets.

Their catalog is actually comprised of various sub-branches, including Lego Creator, Lego Exclusives, Lego Themes, and such.

Lego Themes are essentially thematic block sets that usually feature textures from popular TV series or film shows, such as Stranger Things, Batman, Frozen, Minecraft, and such; the Exclusives are sets that are exclusively available in official LEGO stores while Lego Technic sets are a bit more specialized and by default come supplied with unique, often very complex features.

Our main topic of today is pointing out the difference between LEGO Technic and similar LEGO themes.

What is the difference between LEGO and LEGO Technic?

In essence, LEGO Technic is a special LEGO theme released almost four decades ago back in 1977, by which time it was called the Lego Expert Builder.

One of the possibilities why the name was changed to ‘Technic’ seven years later is that the brand probably wanted to accentuate the fact that this is a highly specialized theme meant for serious enthusiasts rather than for kids. 

Differently designed features

The first main difference between LEGO Technic and other LEGO themes is that Technic packs features that are more complex in nature and design. 

While regular LEGO blocks are typically rectangular-shaped pieces that are meant to be connected in a very obvious way, Technic sets come supplied with features that utilize various rods, poles, and exquisite elements, such as motors, hubs, and such.

As a matter of fact, a huge number of LEGO Technic parts are battery/electricity operated and aim to provide additional functionalities to the construction. 

Just like regular LEGO blocks, Technic pieces and parts can be combined with other LEGO parts, including pieces from other Technic sets. This is also the reason why LEGO Technic sets are just as flexible and as versatile as other LEGO bundles, if not more. 

Different age group

There are a couple of reasons why LEGO Technic sets are not recommended for toddlers and children (usually below the age of 12-14). First and foremost, nearly all LEGO sets present a ‘choking’ hazard hence are not recommended for toddlers, but they’re generally usable by children over 10. 

LEGO Technic sets are far more intricate and are not as easy to piece together. Even if we were to completely neglect the choking hazards under the presumption of a parent overseeing their child as it plays around with a Technic set, the child is most likely to find the set boring after realizing it can’t assemble a playable form. 

Different price tag

Obviously, since LEGO Technic bundles and sets come outfitted with more complex features, they are also more expensive. 

A great example is the Technic Hub 88012; this is an actual power hub that features Bluetooth connectivity and a variety of built-in sensors and ports that are to be connected with LEGO motors or lights. Hubs and motors from the Technic series are single, standalone pieces that cost more than an average LEGO Architecture 200-piece set. 

On a brighter note, LEGO Technic pieces are amazingly unique and are far more than toys, so it’s pretty safe to say that the steeper price tag is more than justified.

Themes within themes

LEGO Technic series features a variety of its own ‘sub-series’ unlike other LEGO sets that belong to individual ones. 

For instance, there’s a wide variety of Technic vehicles, such as 4×4 X-Treme off-roader, Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Sian FKP 37, and such; there’s also a large selection of construction/utility vehicles and constructions, such as car transporters, crawler cranes, rescue helicopters, tractors, and cherry pickers. 

The underlying theme that encompasses all Technic LEGO bundles is precisely the ‘technical’ element. Most pieces can be outfitted with battery-powered settings and functionalities, unlike regular LEGO bricks and blocks that offer a bit simpler satisfactions. 

LEGO & LEGO Technic similarities

Even though there are numerous differences between ‘regular’ LEGO themes and the Technic series, there are also a lot of similarities they share between themselves. 

The first and most notable similarity is that they are manufactured by the same brand, which means that they were made in a similar fashion, oftentimes using identical tools and technologies. 

The sets that belong to both series are made of the same proprietary plastic material that is heavily resistant to physical damage, which boasts unparalleled structural integrity. 

Furthermore, the prices of the bundles are relatively similar – it’s the quantity of pieces that makes the difference. 

Lastly, the ‘final form’ of a Lego Technic construction is a toy, just like any regular LEGO architecture or contraption. It’s the process by which they’re assembled that sets them apart. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LEGO Technic pieces usable with regular LEGO blocks?

Yes, LEGO Technic pieces can be used with pieces that belong to any other LEGO theme.

However, certain pieces and connectors would be virtually useless (unless as an aesthetic element) if they are not combined with a very specific feature (e.g. LEGO Technic hubs, motors, lights, or sensors). 

Are LEGO Technic sets good for kids and teens? 

While it’s all too obvious that most LEGO blocks aren’t meant for toddlers, some people might assume that Technic sets are ‘toys’, and hence that they would be great for kids and teens.

In short, Lego Technic bundles can be used by anyone who is capable of logically organizing the pieces so that they work. Electrical features are present in Technic sets, meaning that you shouldn’t let your children use them unsupervised. 

Are LEGO Technic bundles ‘exclusive sets’?

No, some LEGO Technic sets are available for purchase on online marketplaces and from individuals across the world.

Due to the fact that these parts are very specialized and intricate, you should purchase them from official LEGO retail sellers, as they can guarantee they will actually work.

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