How To Store Board Games

How To Store Board Games

Are you struggling to find space to store your board games? Have you ever sat down to get stuck into a killer game of RISK only to find that half the pieces are missing? 

If you’re anything like me, with much needed cupboard space overflowing with untidy, incomplete board game sets, you will know that board games can pose a peculiar storage problem.  They are bulky, fiddly, and, with such an assortment of various shapes and sizes, can make an otherwise perfectly organized room seem rather untidy. 

In this article we’ll explore some of the best methods for storing the peskiest of household items: the board game.    

How to store board games 

The most convenient, tidy and practical way to store your board games is to organize them according to size on sliding shelves or on a wheeled table.  Both of these methods enable you to hide your games in plain sight while keeping them ready to hand for when the mood strikes.    

The three things that need to be kept in mind when finding the best way to store board games are convenience, accessibility and tidiness.  Here are three tips for ensuring your board games are optimally stored.  

The first tip for hitting these three targets is to keep all of your board games in one place.  It can be easy to leave board games lying around after you have finished with them, or to to try to force them into any available spaces around the house. 

This can very quickly descend into a cluttered home and disorganized board game sets.  There is nothing more frustrating than settling down to a game after hours of searching only to find that vital accessories have gone missing. 

To avoid this, it is important to keep a dedicated board game area where you know you will always find what you are looking for.  This could be a closet, a hanging closet organizer, a wire pan rack, a chest of drawers or a big plastic box – it all depends on how many games you need to store and what sizes they are.  

While each of these storage options can be very useful in making the games accessible, they will take up space and might seem quite untidy.  The best solution to this problem is to invest in sliding shelves or a wheeled table. 

Both options will limit the amount of space taken up by the board games, and will keep them concealed so that they don’t clutter the living spaces or ruin your color scheme. 

The advantage of the wheeled table is that, in addition to these perks, it can also double-up as a playing surface with the games already stored in it for maximum efficiency.  

The second storage tip is organization.  While it may seem obvious that good storage needs strong organization, with board games this is not always so easy in practice.  

The trick is not to heap the board games, but to stack them, spines facing out.  The problem with the heaping method is that you can get caught in a repetitive cycle where games become buried and need to be dug out. 

By stacking the board games, each game becomes easily identifiable and the whole collection takes up less space. 

If you get into the habit of purging broken or incomplete games, it is easier to cleanly stack your boxes and avoid confused heaps.  Not only is it supremely frustrating to find that a game doesn’t contain the necessary articles, but each of those games takes up much-needed space and disturbs the clarity of your collection.  

To achieve an optimal stacking style, the boxes should be stored according to size.  This means both that they should live in sufficient space or an amenable container, and that it is often better to stack by size rather than theme. 

So, although it might seem reasonable to put all strategy games together in one stack and childrens games in another,it can work much better to have large boxes on the bottom and smaller ones on top, for instance.  Since board games come in many shapes and sizes, it will serve you well to consider how your collection best fits together.     

The third tip is that board games can be stored much more securely if the boxes are bound with rubber or hair hands, and if the cards and counters are kept in supplementary bags or containers. 

This is a cheap and easy method of reinforcing the game’s durability and streamlining its accessibility on game night.  It is much harder for the pieces to get lost and much easier to keep track of who’s got what.        

What are fun ways to store board games?  

Whether you’re a board game connoisseur looking for ways to display your collection or a parent spending time with your child, a fun way to store your games is to mount them on the walls like pictures.  Just put the game pieces in baggies and the board in a frame and … voila!  Your favorite games mounted like art installations.  

What are cheap ways to store board games?  

If you need to store your board game collection and you’re on a budget, the best way is to look to plastic baggies, boxes, pencil cases and scrapbook pouches.  Rather than paying out for shelves, tables or closets, these are cheap alternatives that allow you to organize all the elements of your games while decluttering your home.  

Other cheap methods are to use hair bands or rubber bands to prevent spillage by keeping the boxes closed shut, and ladders as a fun shelving system. 

If you have a wide, disused ladder that’s seen better days, why not think of converting it into a board game organizer.  This is a simple, easy and fun way to store the games according to size or theme.   

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