Best Space Themed Board Games

Best Space Themed Board Games

Many people are fascinated by space and it’s easy to see why. It’s a place of wonder and mystery, and the setting for many great stories. It’s also the basis for many great games which is why we’ve set out to find the best space themed board games available today. 

Here we see a wide range of different themes which are all fun and entertaining. To find the best space themed board game for you we’ve completed 10 extensive reviews and also written a buying guide to give you all the info you need.

Let’s get started!

Best Space Themed Board Game of 2020

Eminent Domain by Tasty Minstrel Games

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Eminent Domain is a beautiful looking board game that space lovers are going to enjoy playing. The artwork on the game is exquisite which only adds to your playing experience. 

Each player will start with the same deck of cards and will then choose a role card to execute on their turn. When you add the role card to your deck you can start to build up your civilization and choose the direction your space empire goes in.

The game is designed for between 2-4 players and should take around 45 minutes to complete. It’ a wonderful game where you’ll love colonizing planets and building your empire to eventually win the game. 

Dark Moon by Stronghold Games

Dark Moon Board Game

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This is a game that is set on the dark moon of Saturn, Titan. On the mission to Titan, half of the crew becomes infected with an unknown virus. In the game, you split into two teams with one being the healthy crew and the other being infected.

The twist is that no-one knows which team anyone else is on. The healthy team tries to survive while the infected team tries to destroy them. You can trick other players and it’s a game of strategy and deceit with many different types of cards and dice.

It’s a brilliant concept and can be played from anywhere between 3-7 people and should take less than 75 minutes. Due to the themes in the game, it’s only suitable for those 12 and over.

Space Base by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)

Space Base

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Space Base is another board game that has fantastic artwork. It’s played between 2-5 players where you aim to get new ships into your fleet so that you can patrol sectors. You can use many methods to expand your influence with only one player being able to become the U.E.S. Admiral of the Fleet.

The game is quite in-depth and only going to be suitable for ages of 14 and over. With a playing time of around 60 minutes, you are able to get a great playing experience without the game feeling too long.

It’s a game that is quite easy to learn the rules but will still be able to provide a rich and deep playing experience. A great aspect of this game is that all the players are involved in every turn which keeps everyone interested.

Twilight Imperium by Fantasy Flight Games

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Board Game | Strategy Board Game for Adults and Teens | Adventure Game | Ages 14 and up | 3-6 Players | Average Playtime 4-8 Hours | Made by Fantasy Flight Games

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Here we see a game that perfectly marries space with the fantasy genre. With over 1,000 components in the game, the level of detail is fantastic. This is a perfect game for anyone who loves to get involved in long strategic gameplay.

A brilliant aspect of this game is each game has a random board set up which means that you’ll never play the exact game twice. Also, there are 17 races for you to play with and therefore you have plenty of variety.

The game can take up to 8 hours which is perfect for hardcore gamers and it’s suitable for up to 6 people. You’ll love being able to claim planets, trade and even have wars. It’s an epic game that is thoroughly enjoyable.  

Tiny Epic Galaxies by Gamelyn Games

Tiny Epic Galaxies

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This game is brilliant for a few different reasons. Firstly, it can be played on your own and that is unique for a board game and it’s still a lot of fun. Not interested in solo play? Well, it can also be played by up to 4 people.

The game is also perfect for a wide age range as it’s easy enough for kids to learn how to play but it also great for adults. The aim of the game is to be the first person to get to 21 points by building your own empire by acquiring planets and resources.

It has a beautiful design that looks brilliant and adds to the experience. There are several different mats, cards, dice and other components that make it an immersive game but one with fairly quick gameplay.

Galaxy Trucker by Czech Games

Czech Games Galaxy Trucker

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Want to be able to build spaceships and fly them through galaxies? If that sounds like fun then you’re going to love this game. Galaxy Trucker takes about an hour to play and can be played by between 2 and 4 players. 

You start by constructing your spaceship by adding various pieces and then fly it through space. On your journey, you’re going to encounter many challenges such as pirates and meteor showers. In the end, the player with the most credits is going to worry.  

It’s a fun tile-laying game where you’ll play with random event cards. There are plenty of pieces included for an epic game that doesn’t go on for too long. 

Empires of The Void II by Red Raven Games

Red Raven Games Empires of The Void II

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Empires of The Void II is an excellent 4X game and another one that has been masterfully drawn. It looks great on your table which is an important feature of space themed games. Between 2-5 players are required and it’s suitable for anyone aged 12 or over.

The game is based on eight different planets that are lived through by using event and action cards. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter ancient ruins and wars which includes decisions on who is your friend or enemy. 

Those cards and events add a good story that is enjoyable to follow. The game isn’t too hard for anyone to understand and should take about two hours. 

Space Park by Keymaster Games

Keymaster Games KYM0301 Space Park, Multicoloured

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Space Park is a game that is fairly easy to play which is aided by it coming with video instructions. It can be played by anywhere between 1-4 people and is suitable for anyone 14 or over.

The game takes between 20-30 minutes to play which is perfect for those looking for short and sharp games that flow very quickly. Similar to Galaxy Trucker, you will take a ride through space but in this one, you’ll be gathering exotic crystals.

You can get exploration points in a variety of fun ways and the person with the most explorer points at the end of the game will be the winner. 

Roll for The Galaxy by Rio Grande Games

Roll for The Galaxy Board Game

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As the name suggests, a Roll For The Galaxy is a game that is all dependent on the roll of a dice. It will determine your population, new technologies and new worlds in what can be a dramatic adventure.

It works for between 2-5 players and has a very good playing time of around 45 minutes which is long enough to keep everyone interested. It’s a great strategy game that will test your intellect without being too difficult to play.

The winner will be the one who can make the most prosperous empire. It’s another game with beautifully designed and uses the wonderful theme of space to make a great game.

Pulsar 2849 by Czech Games

Czech Games Edition Pulsar 2849,Euro-Style Game

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If you already love space then you’ll know that a pulsar is a rapidly spinning neutron star that emits an intense amount of electromagnetic radiation. In the game, the premise is that they have learned how to harness the energy of these stars and you need to find a way to distribute that power.

The playing time of this game is between 60-100 minutes and therefore it’s more of an in-depth game. 2-4 players can enjoy the game and it’s suitable for ages 14 and over.

There are many different components in the game which only adds to the fun. It’s a dice-based adventure with many different ways that you can eventually win the game.

Energy distribution doesn’t automatically sound like a great theme but adds pulsars into that and it becomes fascinating.

Best Space Themed Board Games – Buying Guide


With spaced themed board games, you’ll need to have a pre-existing idea of how many players are going to be involved. Games such as Galaxy Trucker have quite a narrow age range as it is only suitable between 2-4 players.

Other games have a wider range which is more ideal for larger friend groups, getting the wrong type of game could mean that some people can’t play. On the other side, if wanted to play a game on your own then there are some great options available such as Tiny Epic.

Age range

Space themed board games aren’t usually appropriate for small children. That is partly down to adult themes of war being included in many games but is mostly down due to the more complex gameplay we see here with patience and strategy required.

Of course, these age ranges are only guidelines and you can make your own decision on whether the game is appropriate if you’re buying it for children. Adults will love these games as they all present a challenge without being too difficult that they become unenjoyable.

Playing time

How long do you plan on playing your board game for? Some people like short and sharp games while others like to enjoy something a little more epic. If epic is what you’re after then Twilight Imperium is the game for you as it can take up to 8 hours to complete.

Looking for something a lot quicker? If so then Space Park would be a great choice as this game can take just 20 minutes to complete. The rest of the games that we have featured sit somewhere in between this with most taking around 45 minutes to complete one game. 


Each game is going to have a slightly different level of difficulty. For adults, this will be down to personal preference and you may prefer to have something that is as challenging as possible but others may be a little more laid back.

If you’re buying the game for younger players then you’re best trying to work out what level of complexity is best for them. Most of the games that we have looked at here are challenging but without being too difficult. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best space themed board game?

The best space themed board game is going to depend on your needs. In our buying guide, we discussed some of the key features of a board game. You need to go through these features and then see which board game is going to most closely match what you’re looking for.

How long do board games last?

Each board game is going to have its own completion time which, as we’ve seen here, can be anywhere from 20 minutes to eight hours. Each one is different in their gameplay and what it takes to win the game. The exact time will depend on the speed of the individual players. 

Are space themed board games suitable for kids?

Spaced themed board games are often more complex than most of the traditional board games that we see. Because of this, most of them aren’t going to be suitable for children under the age of 12.

It’s the best idea to take a look at the game and make your own decision on whether or not it is suitable. 

Are space themed board games worth it?

Absolutely. Not only do they involve brilliant gameplay but the themes of these games help to make them even more interesting. Added to that, the artwork on these games is usually incredibly well drawn with beautiful graphics. 

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