Best Sleeves for Pokemon Cards

Best Sleeves for Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards take me back to the time when I was a kid. I used to wait till 5 pm every day to see my favorite characters on TV. It was my dream to become a master and catch all the rare Pokemon.

Alas, much to my disappointment, that was not possible in real life. However, with the introduction of Pokemon cards, my dreams gained traction again.

I would save up my weekly allowance to buy a new pack of cards, hoping that I would find a rare Pokemon. These cards became a commodity in the playground; you also instantly gained popularity if you had a powerful arsenal.

We hoarded cards, traded them, held battles, and shed tears over the loss of a few cards.

Considering the modern age developed Pokemon Go where virtually capturing Pokemon is possible, new generation children might not understand these cards’ value.

Yet, they have also reached a collector’s item status, and it would be best to preserve them. Hence, below is a list of our top picks for Pokemon card sleeves.

Best Sleeves for Pokemon Cards

Pokémon 15362 Protector

Ultra Pro E-15362 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves-Pokemon Sword & Shield Galar Starters Scorbunny (65 Pack)

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What better way to start this list than by having sleeves that feature a character from the Pokemon Sword and Shield rendition. This fire starter is called Scorbunny, which is a fun mesh of scorch and bunny.

As you can already guess, the bunny may look cute, but is a fire-type Pokemon that leaves flames in its wake. A bonus fact, its foot is said to be a lucky charm.

The sleeve has one side with Scorbunny and the orange flames, and the other side is transparent so you can view your cards after storing it. This sleeve will only hold the standard-sized cards, and you will have 65 sleeves in this pack.

The materials of the sleeve are non-PVC; hence you do not have to worried about dangerous chemicals. The rest of the protection will be in the hands of Scorbunny; it may have fire powers, but they will only be used to defend your cards.

Pokemon 15311 Ultra Pro-Standard Deck Protectors Charizard

Pokemon 15311 Ultra Pro-Standard Deck Protectors Charizard (65pk)

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If your card collection did not feature Charizard, do not fret, these sleeves will make up for that. Personally, Charizard was one of my most favorite characters.

Powerful yet also loved sleeping. But, whenever its help was needed, Charizard would be there in all its blazing glory. The sleeve captures exactly that pose of the battle-ready look.

The whole pack contains 65 sleeves, all of which have Charizard featured on them. They are letting the character shine with a plain blue background, with Charizard’s striking orange coloring.

These will hold all your standard magic cards, and as one side of the sleeve is see-through, you can also keep track of all your collected Pokemon. Both Charizard and the sleeve will look after your cards for you.

Ultra Pro 5 Pack of 100 Soft Sleeves

Ultra Pro 5 (Five) Pack Lot of 100 Soft Sleeves/Penny Sleeve for Baseball Cards & Other Sports Cards

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You might be looking for entirely plain sleeves, as you would want the cards themselves to shine rather than be overshadowed by the sleeve design. Since most cards have a standard size, your Pokemon cards should easily slide in these as well.

You will need a sleeve because open-air damages even if the cards are carefully placed. Inside the sleeve, the cards are shielded from moisture, dust, and scratches. Your cards will look as good as the day you bought them.

You will have a total of 100 sleeves in this pack, which are divided into five separate packs containing 20 sleeves each. The separation is useful because if you have a limited number of cards, you can open a few packs and keep the rest sealed for any future cards.

Ultra Pro Pokeball Deck Protectors Sleeves

Ultra Pro Pokeball Deck Protectors Sleeves (65 Count) Standard Size

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These cards will give you the feeling of storing your Pokemon inside Poke Balls. The sleeve is a complete depiction of Poke Balls: with the black outline, red and white halves, and a circle in the center, which I always took to be the button that opens the Poke Balls.

These are perfect if you use your cards to battle with other players, as it would be akin to summoning the Pokemon.

The whole pack contains 65 sleeves and are made from polypropylene. The sleeves are thick and durable, as they hold their shape even if you do not place a card inside. One side is clear to view your cards, and you can snugly place them inside the sleeves.

Ultra Pro E-15361 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves-Pokemon

Ultra Pro E-15361 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves-Pokemon Sword & Shield Galar Starters Sobble (65 Pack)

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The Pokemon Sword and Shield series have three prominent representatives from three major element categories. As Scorbunny represented fire, Sobble represents water.

When Sobble comes in contact with water, it becomes fully camouflaged. Sobble can then launch its weeping attack where opponents will be overwhelmed by their own tears.

These sleeves have a water background, with Sobbel’s blue coloring almost mixed in as well. You will get 65 sleeves in this pack and can use them for archiving all your cards.

The exciting part of having characters on the sleeves is that you might not have cards of these characters, but they can still be a part of your collection.

Pokémon 85459 Pokemon Ultra Ball Standard Card Sleeves

Pokémon 85459 Pokemon Ultra Ball Standard Card Sleeves, Multi-Colour

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As Pokemon are ranked in separate categories, Poke Balls have rankings as well. Red Poke Balls were the most basic and used to capture low-level Pokemon. On the other hand, the black and yellow Poke Balls were reserved for high-level Pokemon.

If you want your card collection to be placed in accurate Poke Balls according to their levels, it would be ideal to get the Ultra Ball sleeve as well.

The pack includes 65 sleeves, with one side being clear. They do not contain any PVCs or acids that would damage your card collection. Along with the sleeves, there are four booster packs of the trading game also included.

Ultra Pro E-85450 Deck Protectors-Pokemon Ball 65 Pack

Ultra Pro E-85450 Deck Protectors-Pokemon Ball 65 Pack

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While we are on the subject of Poke Balls, red was for low-level Pokemon, and yellow for high. In between, we are left with the blue Poke Ball, which is for medium-level Pokemon. The blue Poke Ball has red streaks on it and is also referred to as the Great Ball.

With all three Poke Ball sets, you can place your Pokemon cards in the appropriate sleeves. In this pack, there are also 65 sleeves and are made from a safe material. All standard sizes will fit, and you can be assured that your cards will be protected till the foreseeable future.

Ultra Pro E-15360 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves-Pokemon

Ultra Pro E-15360 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves-Pokemon Sword & Shield Galar Starters Grookey (65 Pack)

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Out of our three Sword and Shield representatives, Grookey was the only one left. As fire and water have been covered, Grookey hails from the earth element. It has a stick which it uses to attack and can also scratch and beat like a monkey.

With a complete set of Sword and Shield representatives, you can classify cards with similar abilities and place them in the appropriate sleeves. This pack also has 65 sleeves with one clear side to view your characters. These guardian Pokemon will shield your cards from enemy forces.

200 Pro Support Trading Card Penny Sleeves for Pokemon Cards

200 Pro Support Trading Card Penny Sleeves for Pokemon Cards and Magic The Gathering Cards

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You might have built quite a collection of Pokemon cards over the years and would require more than the usual 65 sleeves. Rather than ordering multiple packs, you can get this one pack that contains 200 sleeves. These sleeves are designed explicitly for card sizes, particularly to the Pokemon cards.

The sleeves are made from a soft material and do not contain any toxic chemicals. A significant advantage of these sleeves is also against your hands. While handling, the oils on your hand can wear down cards. But the sleeve ensures that the cards remain spot-free.

Pokémon E-15201 Ultra Pro-Detective Deck Protectors-Pikachu

Pokémon E-15201 Ultra Pro-Detective Deck Protectors-Pikachu (65 Pk)

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How can we go a whole article without mentioning the most iconic character from the Pokemon series: Pikachu. While Detective Pikachu is a newer persona, we still see the signature yellow coloring, red cheeks, and lighting bolt tail. Maybe Pikachu became a detective as a side career.

These sleeves will blend the traditional cards you have with newer concepts. You will obtain a pack of 65 sleeves made of polypropylene. The printed side will be a bright caricature of Pikachu having the back of your other Pokemon cards.

Best Sleeves for Pokemon Cards Buying Guide

You might think you are saving these cards to pass down to your children, but deep down, you know that your attachment to these is a link to your whole childhood. You want to save these to teach your kids proper battle techniques and let them know about Pokemon’s rich history.

Before you go off and buy sleeves for your cards, there are certain factors you should keep in mind:

Size – The size of sleeves you purchase depends entirely on the size of the cards you have. Pokemon cards, in general, have a standard size, which fits inside a standard-sized sleeve.

However, you should be aware of the dimensions of your card to get a perfect fit. Too small and your cards would not fit inside, too big, and the extra space inside the sleeve could allow for factors to damage the cards.

Type – The kind of sleeve you buy is dependent on your price range and preference, as there are several options available to you in the market. As mentioned in the article above, if you want a cheaper option, you can opt for penny-card sleeves.

These are the ones that are clear on both sides, and one pack will give you a significant number of sleeves. Just because these are cheaper does not mean that they are not durable. They will do the job of protecting your cards just as well.

If you are more of a Pokemon enthusiast, there are customized printed sleeves also available. While these may be a little more on the expensive side, and the number of sleeves is lesser than a penny-sleeve pack, these add a touch of differentiation.

You can classify your cards into Poke Balls according to their level. You can also place them in sleeves that have characters with powers closest to those on your cards. One side will be clear, while the other is printed, and you can tailor-make your own collections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Card Sleeves Necessary?

Card sleeves are necessary if you want your cards to remain in an adequate condition as time passes. If cards are just left in a box somewhere, it is likely they will deteriorate faster. They can lose their color, get bent, or even get stained. All of these can be prevented by a sleeve covering.

Plus, as your Pokemon cards are collectors’ items and want to sell them sometime in the future, keeping them in pristine condition will fetch you a higher price.

Can You Play with the Cards Inside Sleeves?

The main purpose of the sleeves is to protect the cards while being handled. Most people do have cards so they can play with them. However, you might be worried that playing with them will lead to damage, and you keep them stored away.

Sleeves are the best option as you can see the cards you are playing with since the sleeves are transparent, and they will also be safe from damage.

Are There Alternatives to Card Sleeves?

You can get a ring binder, which is essentially just individual sleeves joined together to form a sheet. However, ring binders would just be for display purposes, and to play with the cards, you would have to take them out of the binder.

Can You Clean Card Sleeves?

If you encounter dust on the sleeves or spill a liquid on top, you can wipe it off with a dry and clean cloth. However, if the sleeve has started yellowing and tearing at the edges, it might be time to replace it.

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