Best Shuffleboards Pucks

Best Shuffleboards Pucks

Everyone loves shuffleboard, and if not, you might be missing out on a lot. Among other things, you will find that shuffleboard is one of the best games you can play for fun. The objective of the game is to slide a puck down a wooden table, into a scoring area to win against your opponent.

Whether you’re an occasional player or a seasoned pro, having the right shuffleboard pucks assures you of a fun and enhanced gaming experience.

It’s best to look at different factors before buying pucks based on your tastes and preferences. Game variations, size, and weight of the pucks determine how gameplay might turn out.

So, if you find yourself looking for good shuffleboard pucks or want to replace the ones you have, we invite you to read below where you’ll find a list where we’ve reviewed some of the best shuffleboard pucks in the market!

Best Shuffleboards Pucks

Torpsports shuffleboard pucks

TORPSPORTS Set of 8 Aluminum Caps Shuffleboard Pucks 2-1/8' Size with Case- Red/Blue

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Neatly tucked in a unique case, torpsports shuffleboard pucks are both visually appealing and  perform exceptionally well. The quality is unmatched. The case holds eight pucks in red and blue and is sleek and compact at 27.5cm in length, 15cm in width, and 3.3cm in height.

The pucks are hardened with aluminium caps and have a size of 2-1/8 inch. The shuffleboard pucks’ cost is worth the features, because of its high quality. It immediately makes an impression at first sight. A good choice to add to your shuffleboard collection or get you started in the game.

IdealEnjoy shuffleboard

IdealEnjoy Shuffleboard Pucks 2-1/8''(53mm),Set of 8(red&Blue)

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The shuffleboard pucks come with a weight and speed proven for consistency. The pucks measure 2-5/16’’ (58mm) and are packed in a wooden case. The package comes in a set of 8 shuffleboard pucks with different colors; mazarine and crimson.

They come in a heavy material of bronze plated steel, and ABS topped caps. They can almost be confused for novelty items with their unique design.

Needless to say, they are very good to look at. Though the pucks are on the higher end, the quality is guaranteed. These shuffleboard pucks are sure to bring attention and will have everyone asking where you got them from.

Hathaway Shuffleboard pucks

Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks with Case (Set of 8), Dark Cherry Finish

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The unique feature of this shuffleboard is a dimpled top for a comfortable grip. The board includes a wooden puck case with four red and four blue. The pucks are regulated in sizes with 2-9inches.

The wooden puck case is 9cm in length,5.5cm in width, and 2cm in height. Other than that, they come with beveled edges for better control. Hathaway caps have a pleasant touch and can be replaced if broken.

The finish is a magnificent dark cherry. Hathaway is undoubtedly the best for both newbies and professional gamers; experienced players will enjoy it more with the dimpled top which makes for an easy grip.

Shuffleboards pucks bundle

Shuffleboard Pucks w/Shuffleboard Wax High Speed (2 Cans), Mini Dustpan and Brush for Shuffleboard Table, Complete Shuffleboard Accessories Bundle (2 5/16' (58mm))

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The package offers you two cans of shuffleboard wax that assures you of high speed. The cans can be used on 18/20 foot longer shuffleboard tables. Due to the silicone sand shuffleboard, you can easily slide the pucks.

The shuffleboard pucks are prestigious chrome-plated and with adorable blue and red colors. The pucks offer you comfort as you game as the caps have an ergonomic design with a smooth groove to ease the throw.

Savings are guaranteed with these pucks, which include a shuffleboard brush and a dustpan set in the bundle. Safe to say it’s an offer that’s hard to refuse.

Premium Shuffleboard pucks

Premium Shuffleboard Pucks for Shuffleboard Table 8 Pucks Per Set Indoor Shuffleboard Game

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These premium pucks are a set of 8 rollers, with each pair having two colors. They are ideal for playing on a professional table, and are highly recommended for one that’s 9ft. The pucks have stainless steel at the bottom for a smoother feel.

The red and blue colors are attractive and give off a beautiful look. As if that is not enough, they are stainless steel paired. Air impact should not be a problem as it’s minimised by the bevel design of the cap which is linearly aligned.

The pucks offer a steady slide bound to perform really well on any shuffleboard. These are enough reasons to spare those chips and grab the puck. Premium pucks are the perfect choice for those willing to stand out from the crowd.

Black and Gray Shufflepucks

Shuffleboard Pucks - Large Shuffleboard Table Pucks 2 5/16' (58mm) Set of 8 (Black & Gray)

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The color of these pucks is out of this world. They are uniquely paired to give you a distinctive look that makes the gaming experience heavenly. The set comes with eight rollers divided into two different colors; black and grey with golden shuffleboard weights.

Control of the game is critical, which explains the beveled edged design on the surface, enhancing better control. The sparkling stainless steel at the bottom is enough to keep the slips speedy.

The shuffleboard pucks come in the right sizes of 58mm for a professional shuffleboard table. You do not have to worry about the gaming experience; it is one you will love. The quality, color, and speed make these shuffleboard pucks exceptional.

Naissgo set of 8

Naissgo Shuffleboard Pucks 2-1/8'(53mm) or 2-1/4''(58mm), Shuffleboard Table Pucks Set of 8(red&Blue) (2-1/8''(53mm))

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As the brand suggests, Naissgo has a set of 8 shuffleboard pucks with the color red and blue divided into two pairs of four each. The pucks assure you of maximum control from the beveled edged shape. They are heavy, which is proven by their chrome-plated steel with ABS topped caps.

The pucks have the right diameter you need for a slide, 53mm. The price should not bother you, and it is as friendly as your gaming experience. If you are looking for the best puck to cruise along shuffleboards without resistance, Naissgo is the one for you.

GSE Games and sports expert

GSE Games & Sports Expert 2-1/8'(53mm) or 2-5/16'(58mm) Premium Shuffleboard Pucks - Set of 8 (Chrome, 2-1/8')

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These shuffleboard pucks are on another level with hardened steel that assures you of adequate strength. They have plastic caps in red and blue. They are divided into two sets of four pucks, each bringing it to a total of 8 rollers.

The game requires a serious player, and if you are one, you need these GSE pucks. What will amaze you are the choice of colors for the finish; they are available in bronze and chrome platings.

If you love perfection, these are the ultimate deal for you. GSE pucks are a long-term investment that will keep your game soaring to incredible heights.

GAO Shuffleboard pucks

Shuffleboard Pucks Indoor- Set of 8 - Home Game 2-5/16” (58mm) Multiple Color

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If you wish to expand your home games to another level, these are the best pucks to use. They come with ease and a guarantee for fun. You do not have to worry about color; they have you covered with various colors to choose from.

The one that attracts you is what you get. They have smooth steel underneath them that makes sliding easy with exceptional durability from the robust stainless steel material.

The pucks are easy to plow and clean and are not prone to breaking. GAO pucks are the most-used official pucks with a diameter of 58mm. Their prices can vary, depending on the quality of GAO shuffleboard pucks you choose.

Yihao Shuffleboard pucks

Yihao 2-1/8''(53mm) 2-5/16''(58mm) Shuffleboard Pucks,Set of 8 (red Blue 1)

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These are heavy, chrome-plated steel with ABS topped caps. These pucks measure 53mm in diameter. They are beveled edged for maximum control and speed. They come in a set of 8 shuffle pucks in red and blue colors.

They have a unique shape with a pocket-friendly price. These sets do not compromise on quality; you get what you ask for and more. Your gaming experience gets better with the Yihao pucks.

Yihao pucks offer free informative guides that give you helpful hints to move your gaming skills to the next level. There is nothing of low value from the quality and originality of these pucks.

Best Shuffleboard Puck Buying Guide

Size of the Shuffleboard pucks

The size of the shuffleboard table determines the size of the pucks. Two types of puck sizes are advisable for recreational and tournaments depending on their diameters. These diameters should range within two and eight inches.

Smaller pucks are best used on smaller tables, and larger pucks are recommended to use in the more extended tables and broader spaces. If you want a smooth slide, playing with the right sized pucks on the right tables is the ultimate solution.

Weight of the pucks

Good shuffleboards should have an average weight for more comfortable holding. The weight also increases the speed at which a puck moves down the shuffleboard table. The best pucks to play with should be lesser than 1gram to enhance swiftness during throws.

The recommended weight for professional pucks is 10.9 to 12.5 ounces, while that of regular pucks is 11 to 15 ounces. You are advised to choose wisely when looking at puck weight because it puts you on a better ground of accurate and quality shots. Most balanced weights are tolerant of impacts from bumpy surfaces.

Pitches at the bottom

The shuffleboard pucks have different pitches at the bottom, which determine the speed at which they move. The wax and humidity levels on the bottom are also a factor that accelerate the pucks’ speed during movement.

The caps on the pucks are also made of plastic material to ensure they spin smoothly without damaging the shuffleboard surfaces. Game variations influence the type of puck to use depending on the penalties a player gets during the gaming session.

Color of the pucks

Color creates an impression, and bright colors are fun for a lively game. Players prefer red and blue pucks, but other color finishes like bronze and chrome are prioritized. The replaceable caps have different colors to personalize your game; a vibrant color makes the gaming experience memorable.

Colors make identification of players easier and improve visibility while playing games in a darker place. Other pucks have multiple colors, and the choices are endless for you. The colour schemes are as wide as the colours of the rainbow.

Personal preferences

Your gaming preferences should be at the forefront to ensure you get the best. Some of the preferences everyone looks at are; the comfort of the game, the pucks’ speed, and the playing styles. A good puck should also have a beautiful design to add some spice to the game.

Fashionable designs help make the game livelier. The number of pucks are also considered for a good start of the game. A player is recommended to have eight pucks of different colors to match each team.

Storage cases are also a plus as they ensure the pucks’ convenient movement when moving from one point to another and it also helps you avoid misplacing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are heavier pucks appropriate?

Heavy pucks can improve your game’s accuracy and strengthen the throws; however, more massive pucks make gaming a headache. They are not suitable for moving around and are less likely to spin.

The best option for the weight is using well-balanced pucks for both feel and control. Other pucks have adjustable caps, which make it possible to add weight for more decisive throws.

What pucks diameter are suitable for a 12-foot shuffleboard table

Smaller shuffleboards require between 7-14feet in diameter and 2 inches. Longer shuffleboards may as well need larger diameters.

Why are the caps screwed on or off?

The interchangeable caps are useful to ensure that colors can be easily modified to one of your choices. These screws help in adding more weight to the pucks for more comfortable throws and aiming better. While gaming, caps may break off and require screw-off caps to be replaced.

How do I clean shuffleboard pucks?

The best way to keep your pucks clean is by using a clean cloth to wipe down the surfaces you play on and the pucks. You can also consider using silicone spray for the pucks and waxing the table surface for a more robust gaming experience.

How many pucks do I need for shuffleboard?

Each player is assigned four pucks for one-on-one play which are one colour while the other player has a different colour. Each player takes a turn shuffling the pucks down the table until all eight pucks have been shuffled.

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