Best Shuffleboard Wax

Best Shuffleboard Wax

Shuffleboard wax is a confusing term for some as it’s actually a powder that’s made from a combination of ground corn and pure silicone bearings or beads. The purpose of applying them to a shuffleboard table is to ensure the pucks will glide smoothly on the board.

There are different kinds of shuffleboard powder waxes to choose from because they have varying speed ratings.

Using a shuffleboard wax with a high-speed rating increases your puck’s movements but it will sacrifice control. If your disks are flying too fast that they seem to be a blur, you may want to try a slower wax.

In this article, we provide you with 10 of the best shuffleboard waxes you can buy. Read on to know more about them.

Best Shuffleboard Wax

EF Zdgao Shuffleboard Waxapplies

Shuffleboard Wax Powder High Speed 2 Pack + Mini Dustpan + Mini Brush (2x14oz)

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The EF Zdgao shuffleboard wax comes with a dustpan and a mini brush so you can easily pack up extra or old sand on the shuffleboard table. For old sand that accumulates on the narrow corners, just reach them with the mini brush.

This keeps the table neat and always ready for the next play. This wax works best for regulation size tables size between 18 ft., 20 ft., and 22 ft.

There are 2 types of ED Zdgao wax to choose from. There is a high-speed and medium-speed version so you have on option to select which one is applicable to your table. The sprinkler on the top of the container is adjustable and is great for long time use.

It’s one of the cheapest shuffleboard waxes available right now on Amazon so it won’t be an issue if you purchase one just to try it out.

Sun-Glo Speed #1 Superglide Shuffleboard Powder Wax

Sun-Glo #1 Shuffleboard Powder Wax (16 oz.) (Pack of 2)

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Do you want your disks to move quickly on your shuffleboard table? Then you definitely need the Sun-Glo Champion #1 powder wax for your court. It is the fastest wax from Sun-Glo as the powder wax uses pure silicone ball bearings. It is also odorless. The container has a shaker on top so you can evenly spread it out to minimize waste as you pour it on the surface.

The product comes in a 2 16 oz. can. The size is sufficient for home use and is portable so that you can bring it with you to your local shuffleboard leagues.

Needless to say, the Sun-Glo Speed #1 Superglide Shuffleboard Powder Wax is affordable and a great buy for its price.

Sun-Glo Speed #2 Tournament Gold Shuffleboard Powder Wax

3 Pack Sun-Glo #2 Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax

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Here’s another one from Sun-Glo. This time, the Speed #2 is one of Sun-Glo’s newest formulas created with professional players in mind. This powder wax is used primarily in tournament play and is preferred by high-level leagues compared to other brands.

The Speed #2 makes the whole surface playable if your puck has problems keeping up speed on a shuffleboard table.

This works best for regulation size tables as smaller tables around 12 ft. or less may suffer from incredibly fast gliding. Beginners will probably find it quite difficult to control.

Like Speed #1, the can is compact and portable. It also has a shaker on top so you can bring it anywhere and use it with ease at your own home or in local leagues.

YDDS Highspeed Shuffleboard Wax

Shuffleboard Wax - Shuffleboard Sand 2 Pack with Mini Brush and Dustpan Set (2 x 14oz)

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The YDDS highspeed shuffleboard wax is a great product for use for tables that are 9 to 16 ft. in length or even regulation-sized shuffleboard tables.

This powder wax was carefully tested before getting bottled to reach the best speed and accuracy control. The set comes in a 2 pack package of 14 oz. canisters with a shaker at the top for even spreading.

What makes the YDDS shuffleboard wax a bargain among the products you can buy is it comes with a mini dustpan and a mini brush set. It makes for easy cleaning of the table surface if there are excess waxes on the shuffleboard table.

This ensures you’re always ready for the next game.

LESAHNG Medium Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax

Shuffleboard Powder Medium Speed Wax/Dustpan/Mini Broom Sets

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Like the YDDS wax, the LESAHNG medium-speed powder wax comes with 1 dustpan and a mini broom. You can easily clean the shuffleboard table surface before and after gaming sessions. The free accessories clean the surface efficiently and quickly. In fact, you can also recycle the powder wax as needed.

It’s a relatively cheap buy for what it provides as you get 2 cans at 12 oz. sizes. The powder wax works as expected although there are a couple of complaints that say the product is still way too fast even at medium speed.

These might happen if you’re playing on shorter shuffleboard but it shouldn’t be an issue if your table is 16 ft. or more. It still has a lot of positive customer reviews compared to the negative ones so you have to test it for yourself.

Zkung Shuffleboard Pucks with Shuffleboard Wax Set

Zkung Shuffleboard Pucks with Shuffleboard Sand Set - 2 1/8 Shuffleboard Table Pucks with 2 Cans Shuffleboard Wax Medium Speed and Mini Brush and Dustpan Set

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Here’s one that gives you everything you need to start enjoying shuffleboard with your friends and loved ones. Buying this set provides you with 8 pieces of shuffleboard pucks that are made of hardened alloy steel.

These are great replacement pucks to your original as they are made of good quality. The set also has 2 4 oz. cans, a dustpan, and a mini broom to allow you to maintain the cleanliness of your shuffleboard table.

The high-quality powder wax is made of pure silicon. It doesn’t clump up and makes the pucks glide smoothly and fast. The wax is rated at medium speed which works best for tables that are 9 ft. to 18 ft. in length.

This makes for a great gift for shuffleboard enthusiasts as you have all the accessories and pucks you need in one purchase.

Hathaway Speed #5 Shuffleboard Powder Wax

Hathaway Shuffleboard Wax Powder

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The Hathaway speed #5 is made from silicon bead wax and sand mixture. The formulation is geared for consistency and leisure speed play. It’s not as slow as the higher numbered mixtures and not as fast as the high-speed ones which make it perfect for beginners and casual shuffleboard players alike. 

The canister has an adjustable sprinkler on top of it so you can control the amount as you pour it. It is moisture-proof so it’s easier to clean and maintain than conventional powder waxes.

To use the Hathaway speed #5, simply sprinkle the desired amount on the playfield surface and get ready for action. It works perfectly and as advertised plus it has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon so you know what you’re going to get.

Lundmark Powdered Dancefloor and Shuffleboard Wax

Lundmark Powdered Dance Floor & Shuffleboard Wax, 1-Pound, 3224P001

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The Lundmark powdered dancefloor and shuffleboard wax is one of the more unique products you’ll find on Amazon as more often than not, powdered waxes are not for use on floor surfaces.

It works great as a shuffleboard wax where all you have to do is sprinkle a small amount that you need to achieve the degree of slide that you want. Not only that, but this formulation also works on many kinds of surfaces like wood, linoleum, vinyl, cork tile, wood wall paneling, marble, stone, slate, and more.

This dancefloor and shuffleboard wax is also used to remove paste wax or liquid paste wax from the surface if you need to. Lundmark is a family-owned brand that’s proudly made in the USA.

You’ll know the quality is guaranteed as it has been tried and tested for decades with an amazing customer base worldwide.

Sun-Glo Champion Speed #5 Shuffleboard Powder

Twin Pack of Sun-Glo #5 Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax

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The Sun-Glo champion speed# 5 shuffleboard powders come in 2 cans of 16 oz. when you buy it on Amazon. The speed#5 works well for shuffleboard tables that are 14 ft. to 22 ft. in length.

It offers a medium-fast game perfect for players who want a more comfortable game that is not too fast and not too slow. Beginners and casuals alike will likely prefer this type of speed as it provides the most optimum speed and control without the pucks going haywire as is common to faster powders.

People who have allergies have to keep in mind that the ingredients of the Speed #5 may contain nuts or military products. It shouldn’t pose a problem for most players but it’s best to be aware of the product contents to prevent unwanted effects during the game.

Sun-Glo Champion Speed #6 Shuffleboard Table Powder Wax

Sun-Glo Speed 6 (Medium Speed Wax) Shuffleboard Table Powder, 16 oz. Can

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Last on our list of the best shuffleboard waxes is the Sun-Glo speed #6 table powder wax. It is the perfect partner for smaller tables that are 9 ft. to 12 ft. in length.

For longer tables, the #6 provides a more intimate game if you like a slower and more casual game. Since regulation size tables are quite expensive, you’ll most likely prefer this over others as this wax makes the game consistent and competitive.

Buying this product also comes with a shuffleboard sweep to easily wipe away the powder when starting a new game. It cleans the table efficiently and effectively, further preserving the table’s lifespan.

Best Shuffleboard Wax Buying Guide


The most important factor you have to consider when choosing a powder wax for your shuffleboard table is the speed rating it has on the label. This determines the overall speed and how your pucks move along the table surface.

Most waxes have a standard rating of 1 as the fastest. Some products can go as low as rated 7 for a slower gaming session. Choose a faster rating if you have a regulation-sized shuffleboard table and go for a more controlled rating if you have a smaller table.

Regulation size is usually 16 ft. in length or more while smaller tables range from 9 ft. to 14 ft. in length.

Table Length

As mentioned previously, the table length also determines the correct wax that you’ll need in order to enjoy a game of shuffleboard. Faster waxes work great for longer tables as it allows the pucks to travel faster and farther than slower-rated waxes.

A slower wax is recommended for smaller tables because you don’t want your pucks to be careening off the table as you play that exciting game with your friends and loved ones.

Added accessories

Some shuffleboard powder wax comes with added accessories like a broom, dustpan, or a sweeper. This makes your maintenance and cleaning easier for your shuffleboard table.

These accessories help extend the lifespan of your table as proper attention to the surface will ensure the playing fields stays in pristine condition even after use over time.


Go for brands that offer a 2-for-1 package where you’ll get 2 cans of shuffleboard wax for the price of one. Also, choose products that have a sprinkler system on the can so you’ll also be able to use them in a controlled manner for less waste and easier application.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for shuffleboard waxes online but all I see are sand variants. Are they the same?

We have explained in our introduction that shuffleboard powders and waxes are basically one and the same. They are also sometimes called shuffleboard salt, cheese, sawdust, and powder.

Are shuffleboard wax reusable?

To save wax in the long run, we can say that yes, you may reuse shuffleboard wax for a couple more game sessions. Keep in mind that shuffleboard wax is primarily made of pure silicon. As such, they tend to become jagged or crushed as you play.

They will not deliver the same form of friction as freshly applied coatings so recycle up to a certain extent only.

Is shuffleboard wax toxic?

The contents of a shuffleboard wax are made from pure and dried silicone beads. It’s a non-toxic polymer which means it is safe for game use. Some products have a mixture of corn starch, nuts, and other substances that may be allergens to some so it is best to research the contents of the product beforehand.

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