Best Shuffleboard Table

Best Shuffleboard Table

Playing a game on a shuffleboard table has been enjoyed for centuries. Even King Henry the VIII of England notoriously outlawed the game to commoners as he felt that it distracted them from doing their jobs. In the game, players take their turns pushing and sliding pucks down a smooth table made of wood. 

One of the main equipment of the game is the shuffleboard table. An official shuffleboard table measures 22 ft. by  22” wide. Some may be shorter or longer but still retain the width. Although board sizes may vary, one thing is for sure — playing with a shuffleboard table indoors or outdoors is very fun. 

In this list, we talk about 10 of the recommended shuffleboard tables you can buy so you can soon enjoy a game with your friends and loved ones.

Best Shuffleboard Table

Olhausen 12-Foot x 16-Inch York Shuffleboard

Olhausen Billiards 12-Foot x 16-inch York Shuffleboard – Heritage Mahogany Finish on Solid Maple – Includes Pucks, Abacus Scorers and Accessories

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The Olhausen 12 ft. by 16” York shuffleboard is a great table that includes a ready-to-play package when you get it. It is made from solid maple wood with a mahogany finish that’s leveled with polymer resin.

It uses the Accu-lock system to make sure the level is perfect, thereby eliminating time-consuming adjustments that are usually associated when playing in a shuffleboard table.

Getting this table on Amazon will include standard delivery and installation so you can start playing right away. This ready-to-play package is also composed of 4 blue pucks, 4 red pucks, 2 abacus scorers, a liquid shuffleboard wax, 1 cleaner and polisher, a liquid shuffleboard spray, and a brush.

The Olhausen is proudly made in the USA so you know you’re getting your money’s worth with quality that is hard to beat.

 Olhausen the Breckenbridge 12-Foot x 20-Inch Shuffleboard

Olhausen Shuffleboard The Breckenridge – 12' x 20' - Matte Finish on Pine – Includes Pucks, Abacus Scorers and Accessories – Rustic Series

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This shuffleboard by Olhausen is a bigger table than the York iteration. It uses a Breckenbridge finish made from solid maple wood that’s leveled with polymer resin.

Like the previous Olhausen shuffleboard, this one also comes with a ready-to-play package so you can start playing right away. Delivery and installation are also provided by the manufacturer.

The maple butcher block playfield is entirely hand-built so as to eliminate warping and to ensure that the level is consistent on the surface. It also features the “Accu-lock” leveling system so that the table will always adjust itself automatically.

You won’t need to spend precious time correcting it yourself. It’s pricier than the York version but this is attributed to the larger size of the Breckenbridge.

Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard

Challenger Shuffleboard Table w Dark Cherry Finish, Hardwood Playfield and Storage Cabinets

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If you’re looking for a smaller shuffleboard for indoor use, then the Hathaway Challenger is the one you need. This shuffleboard table is 9 ft. in length so you can enjoy pub-style fun in the comfort of your own home.

It has a dark cherry finish and is coated in a sleek polyurethane surface. This coating makes your pieces glide smoothly, providing accurate feedback as you play with your friends and loved ones.

The pedestal legs of the table also act as a convenient storage cabinet. Combined with the antique bronze style hinges and the dark cherry finish, the table boasts of a vintage look and a classy vibe.

Lastly, the independent leveler on each leg provides you with a flat and steady surface. They can be easily tuned for optimum play.

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

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Like the Hathaway Challenger, the Playcraft Woodbridge shuffleboard table is also 9 ft. in length and should fit most indoor playrooms or living rooms. It weighs approximately 220 lbs. and is entirely made of wood and a base made of metal.

The hardwood is thick and is finished with multiple coats of satin polyurethane. This gives out a smooth and glossy surface that allows the puck to slide through seamlessly.

The pedestal legs are arched and reinforced in a double panel. The table also uses metal leg levelers for increased stability. Additionally, a hinged door with shelves allows you to store items under the table.

This shuffleboard table makes a beautiful statement as it blends on both light and dark-toned rooms. It is also available in cherry, espresso, and honey oak wood finishes. The price is competitive for a pro-level shuffleboard table.

Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard

Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table with Electronic Scorer

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The first thing you’ll notice with the Playcraft Telluride shuffleboard is that it has an electronic overhead scorer with plexi face. It is 24” and hangs from a curved metal rod that’s over the top of the table.

This increases the fun factor when playing as everyone will clearly see the scoring. This shuffleboard approximately weighs 247 lbs. and is primarily made from kiln-dried Russian birch. 

The shuffleboard table has a poured polymer surface for a smooth and shiny finish. This table works really well with experienced and professional players as the table is of regulation size that most players are accustomed to.

It’s quite pricy than the other shuffleboards we have on the list because it has unique bells and whistles.

Zdgao Foldable Sjoelen Shuffleboard Table

Dutch Shuffleboard Table - Foldable Sjoelen in Full-Size with 30 Disks Fun Adult Board Game

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If you’re on a budget, the Zdgao Sjoelen shuffleboard table is a cheap and inexpensive foldable shuffleboard that is easy to transport and easier to store than its larger counterparts. It is identical to bigger shuffleboards and even has a cherry finish that will also serve as a nice retro-decoration in your game room. 

Buying this set comes with 30 machine-tooled pucks which you can glide along a beech playing surface with high sides. Since it’s foldable and acts as a tabletop board game, you can easily store it after use behind a door, or under a bed.

It’s 1/10th the price of a standard shuffleboard table so it really provides great value for its price.

New Entertainment Desktop Shuffleboard

New Entertainment Desktop Shuffleboard

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Tabletop games are a great way to enjoy shuffleboard if you don’t have the budget to buy a standard-sized one. The New Entertainment desktop shuffleboard is an even more compact shuffleboard than the Zdgao Sjoelen.

It packs lots of fun into a small package as it retains the spirit of its larger shuffleboard counterparts while giving you a unique challenge due to its size.

This small shuffleboard is made from sturdy wood and has a high-quality full-color print that can stand for years even with regular use. It looks great on any table.

Finally, buying this set comes with 4 red and 4 blue plastic pucks, rubber cushions, 2 extra rubber bands, and an instructional manual so you can start playing with your family in no time.

bulk buys Multipurpose 3-in-1 Shuffleboard Tabletop Game

bulk buys Multipurpose Design 3 in 1 Shuffleboard Tabletop Game, Plastic

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Like the previous shuffleboard on our list, the bulk buys Shuffleboard is a tabletop version that’s compact, easy to use, and easy to carry. One of its primary advantages though is its ability to provide 2 more games in one single buy. Aside from shuffleboard, you can also play bowling and curling with it.

The bulk buys 3-in-1 multipurpose game board measures approximately 40” long x 11” wide. It’s available in many different colors like black, white, green, blue, red, silver, and beige.

Most of the material is made from hard plastic with some metal for extra durability. It weighs just 3.21 lbs. so you can carry it with you when you are hiking or camping.

Earlyad 3-in-1 Table Shuffleboard, Curling, and Bowling Set

Earlyad 3-in-1 Table Shuffleboard Curling Game and Bowling Set (10” X 40”) | Portable Family Game for Children and Adults

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The Earlyad 3-in-1 set features well-defined spaces so you can play curling and bowling games on one side of the board as well as enjoy shuffleboard on the reverse side.

It makes for a fun indoor activity with the whole family because of its compact size and multipurpose capabilities. The game mat measures approximately 10” by 40” and is designed for beginners and expert players alike. It is larger than other tabletop shuffleboards, making it a more convenient playing experience for everyone.

The set is made from premium-grade ABS material. It has chrome-plated pucks as well as a heavy-duty steel ball that’s sturdy and durable.

The board is portable, durable, and does not nick, chip, or wear easily. The design looks professional and is wrinkle-free. This makes precision games like bowling, curling, and shuffleboard fun.

Finally, buying this set is cheap so it shouldn’t break the bank.

Franklin Sports Shuffleboard Table Game Mats and Pushers

Franklin Sports Shuffleboard Table Game Mats – Tabletop Shuffleboard Mats and Pushers – Indoor Shuffleboard and Curling Games - Arcade Shuffleboard

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Last on our list of the best shuffleboard table you can buy off Amazon is the Franklin Sports shuffleboard table game mats and pushers. This shuffleboard has a retro arcade look that brings an old-school twist to this fun table game.

The game mat is approximately 6 ft. long which is longer than usual tabletop game boards. This ensures everyone in the family gets to enjoy the game as you’ll have more room than the smaller ones.

The set has an easy set-up where all you have to do is roll up the mat. This shuffleboard mat is fun to play for all ages. You can enjoy it at home and outdoors.

Best Shuffleboard Table Buying Guide


One of the first things you should ask when shopping for a shuffleboard table is its size. Shuffleboards range from 9 ft. to 22 ft. in length. Bear in mind that you will need at least 2 or more feet of additional clearance space on all sides of the table for you to enjoy playing without compromising personal space.

There are tabletop shuffleboards that are cheap and readily available if space and budget are an issue.

Material Finish

Since playing shuffleboards with pucks tend to cause damage to the table over time, it’s important to factor in the overall material finish of the table when buying one for your home.

Look for a shuffleboard that’s made with durable wood and finished with polymer or other similar substances. These protect the shuffleboard for long-term use. Having additional sidewalls on all sides is another helpful addition to prolong the shuffleboard table’s life.


Not all playing fields are level and equal so it’s best to look for shuffleboard tables with built-in adjusters with them. Other factors like temperature and humidity levels also tend to cause unwanted curvature on the table so this is where climactic adjusters come in.

These are pretty straightforward to use as the adjusters use a bolt and screw system. If this is an issue for you, consider getting the pricier models as they have automatic adjusters built into the system.


The foundations of the shuffleboard also play a key role in maintaining the integrity of the game. Professional tables are usually made of hardwood while cheaper tables use inexpensive foundations for their shuffleboards. Hardwood adds weight to the table and helps it keep the shuffleboard in place during more intense gaming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended clearance space when playing shuffleboard?

For players to enjoy the game without sacrificing safety, it’s recommended to have at least 3 feet of clearance space on all sides of the table. This ensures all players can glide the puck with ease across the playing field and switch accordingly.

What is the size of professional regulation shuffleboard?

The official size of tournament regulated shuffleboard is 22 ft. in length. They are the most expensive shuffleboard tables for sale in the market so a lot of smaller-sized iterations have become popular with homeowners.

Why are shuffleboard tables so expensive?

When shopping for the ideal shuffleboard table for your home, you’ll often notice that the ones that are on the lower end in terms of build are still quite expensive. This is due to the materials and manufacturing locations of the shuffleboard tables.

Most shuffleboard tables are made in the USA. Imported tables still have to pass rigorous quality testing, adding to the total costs of purchasing a table.

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