Best Rick and Morty Board Games

Best Rick and Morty Board Games

Delve into the extraordinary intergalactic world of Rick and Morty with these top ten board games.  Each game is inspired by the fantastical, mind bending adventures of the maverick genius scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-natured, anxious nephew Morty Smith. 

Great for game night with friends as well as for more committed fans, this series of board games will take you on the adventure of a lifetime as you relive some of Rick and Morty’s most iconic moments.  Discover alien worlds, solve perplexing problems, and be the sci-fi explorer you always wanted to be in this colorful multidimensional extravaganza. 

Here is a guide to the top ten Rick and Morty board games currently on the market to help you launch your very own interstella experience.

Best Rick and Morty Board Games of 2020     

Monopoly Rick and Morty Board Game 

Monopoly Rick and Morty Board Game | Based on the hit Adult Swim series Rick & Morty | Offically Licensed Rick Morty Merchandise | Themed Classic Monopoly Game

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Immerse yourself in the interdimensional world of Rick and Morty with this quirky take on the traditional game Monopoly. Buy, sell and trade properties from around the multiverse with custom Flurbo currency, such as the Cromulon Dimension, Gazorpazorp and Planet Squanch.

The game features Flooble Cranks and Gooble Boxes instead of the traditional houses and hotels, and includes 6 collectible tokens: Council of Rick’s Badge, Meeseeks Box, Oportal Gun, Plumbus, Rick’s Car and Snuffles’ Helmet.

Designed for 2-6 players of 17+ years, with a projected game time of 60 minutes, Rick and Morty Monopoly is the perfect addition to a cosy evening with friends.

USAOPOLY CLUE: Rick and Morty

USAOPOLY CLUE: Rick and Morty | Featuring Characters from The Adult Swim TV Show Rick & Morty | Collectible Clue Board Game | Perfect for Rick & Morty Fans

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In this twist on the classic game Clue, players embark on an interdimensional mystery after the plans to Rick’s portal gun have been stolen. Find out who stole the plans, where they are hidden and what was used in the theft.

Play with 6 sculpted pieces including Rick, Jerry and Summer to travel across the multiverse, through locations such as Purge Planet, Gear World, and the Citadel of Ricks.

The game comes with a custom illustrated board of Rick and Morty artwork, and is designed for 3-6 players of 17 years or over.

USAOPOLY Risk Rick and Morty Risk Game

USAOPOLY Risk Rick and Morty Risk Game | Based on The Popular Adult Swim TV Show Rick & Morty | Official Rick and Morty Merchandise | Classic Risk Board Game Themed for Rick Morty Series

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Vie for control of the Multiverse in this custom Rick and Morty Risk board game.  

Play as five warring factions, the Mythologs, Robot Dogs, Gazorpians, Post-Apocalyptic People, and the U.S. Government.  Each faction strives for intergalactic control in this exhilarating twist on the classic game of strategy and conquest.     

In addition to the main playing board, the game includes 1 Rick’s battery game board, 5 leader tokens and stands for leaders, 5 dice, 225 faction unit tokens and 83 cards.  The game is for 3-5 players of 17+ and takes around 60 minutes.  

MUNCHKIN: Rick And Morty Card Game

MUNCHKIN: Rick And Morty Card Game | Rick and Morty Adult Swim Munchkin Board Game | Officially Licensed Rick and Morty Merchandise | Munchkin Game from Steve Jackson Games

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Jump right into the Rick and Morty universe with the Munchkin: Rick and Morty board game.  

In this mash-up of the well-known satirical game Munchkin and the cutting cartoon, players take on the roles of Rick, Morty, beth, Jerry, Sumer or Mr. Poopybutthole to take on the villainous foes of the multiverse.  The result is a fast-paced, witty game with aliens and cyborgs.  What’s not to like! 

The game is suitable for ages 10+, comes with 168 cards for 3-6 players,and has a projected game time of around one hour.  

Cryptozoic Entertainment Rick & Morty Deckbuilding Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment Rick & Morty Deckbuilding Game Close Rick-Counters of The Rick Kind Board Game

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In this fast-paced Rick and Morty extravaganza, everybody gets to play as Rick.  That’s already a plus right there! 

It is based on the episode “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind”.  The name of the game is to avoid capture by the Council of Ricks by using your portal gun to send you to different interdimensional locations.  You can hide out in those unpredictable dimensions and see how long you can hold out.  

Each game only lasts about 45 minutes so it is great if you only have time for a quick game.  It can be played by 2-5 players and is suitable for ages 15 and over.  

Cryptozoic Entertainment Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Game

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Based on the hilarious Rick and Morty episode Anatomy Park, this strategy game throws 2-4 players together as they compete to lay down the amusement park within the body of Ruben, the homeless department store Santa Klaus.  

They design the park, vie for the best locations, and reconfigure internal organs to best suit their plans.  But be quick!  Ruben is not the most reliable host, and time may run out before the park is built.  

This light-hearted board game takes around 30-45 minutes for players 18 and up.  Perfect for some quick thrills and more than a few laughs.  

Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty

Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty (D&D Tabletop Roleplaying Game Adventure Boxed Set)

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What could be more fun than a Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons adventure?  Throw yourself into this interdimensional realm and set your imagination free as you explore the multiverse, topple villainous foes and craft your own legend. 

This special role-playing game follows the immensely popular comic book series Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons.  This board game by the comic book series writer and features new artwork by its illustrator.  

In this edition you will get a 64-page Rick annotated rulebook, a folding Dungeon Master screen illustrated with new artwork, 11 dice, a 32-page original adventure for levels 1-3, and 5 ready-to-play character sheets.  

Comb your hair and hold onto the edge of your seat, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride! 

Funkoverse Strategy Board Game: Rick & Morty Theme Set

Funkoverse: Rick & Morty 100 2-Pack Board Game

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Take on the role of your favorite Rick and Morty characters and compete with friends and family in this exciting strategy game.  

The game has two playable maps in iconic Rick and Morty locations: the Smith House

 And Blips & Chitz.  Use your character’s personal abilities to gain points, navigate the map, and employ your portal gun to teleport to victory. 

The game takes only about 30 minutes, can be played with 2 or more players of 17+, and is perfect addition to the collection of any Rick and Morty fan.  

USAOPOLY Trivial Pursuit Rick & Morty – Quick Play Version

USAOPOLY Trivial Pursuit Rick & Morty - Quick Play Version | Trivia Questions Based On The Adult Swim Show Rick & Morty | Officially Licensed Rick & Morty Game

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This is the ultimate game for real Rick and Morty aficionados.  

In this Rick and Morty based version of the classic game Trivial Pursuit, test your knowledge of the series with 600 questions ranging from frienemies and Rick and the family, to a wubalubadubdub wild card category.  

The pack includes 100 question cards, a die, wedge packaging and a rulebook.  Designed for 2 or more players of 17+ years and with a game time of around 30 minutes, Trivial Pursuit Rick and Morty is the ideal choice for fans who want to test their mettle.     

Best Rick and Morty Board Game Buying Guide

Rick and Morty board games can be a fun, exhilarating way to enjoy your favorite series and get your friends involved.  However, it’s not always easy to make the right decision about which board game is best suited to you and your needs.  Here are three things to look out for when trying to make that all important decision.  

The first thing to consider is game difficulty.  Some Rick and Morty games require a detailed knowledge of the series and its characters.  While this is desirable for those who want to immerse themselves in their favorite multiverse and test their wits, for those who are less familiar with the cutting cartoon it can make the game rather difficult to play. 

Not only do some games center on questions and answers concerning the show, but they are also built around specific episodes and characters.  

If you expect to be playing with friends who are not so familiar with the show, a good option is to consider games that are Rick and Morty themed variations of well-known classics. 

As long as players know the ordinary rules to these games, they can play along with ease while enjoying the zany touch of everybody’s favorite narcissistic genius.  .    

Secondly, two things to check are age range and game time.  Many of the Rick and Morty games on this list are not suitable for children under 17 years.  If you want to buy your game for family game night and to avoid some awkward looks from parents, make sure that the game is suitable for all ages.  

Compared to many other board games, the Rick and Morty games on this list are true to the series: short and sweet.  With game times often ranging from around 30-60 minutes, they are ideal for quick, snappy show downs.  However, if you would like something a little longer and immersive, take care to check the complexity and projected play time beforehand.  

The third aspect to pay attention to are game components.  Many of these games come with sculpted figures, plastic models, cards, and tokens.  For many, this is going to be a distinct advantage. 

If you’re a Rick and Morty fan, the models, cards and custom artwork that embellish these games can double up as desirable collectibles adorning your mantlepiece.

However, if you expect to be competing with younger players or to be transporting your games, all these accessories can become a liability.  There are few things worse than settling down to play a game and finding that vital pieces are missing.  In these cases, it is advisable to consider buying a simpler game with fewer fiddly bits.     .     

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Rick and Morty board games for children?  

While some Rick and Morty games are suitable for children around 10, most are aimed at adults of 17+ years.  This is because many of the games feature scenes and scenarios from the series that aren’t suitable for children.  

Do I need to have watched Rick and Morty to play board games based on the series?  

The short answer is: it depends.  All games come with a rulebook and generally stand alone, so they can still be played even if you haven’t watched the show. 

However, some games are based entirely on questions about the series so it would be best to avoid these games.  If you haven’t watched the show, the best move is perhaps to look to classic board games that have been given a Rick and Morty twist. 

This way you can play the games without having a detailed knowledge of the series.  

How long do Rick and Morty board games take to play?

For the most part, Rick and Morty board games are relatively quick.  Most games take around 30-60 minutes to play.  If you’re in a hurry or don’t want long periods of concentration, these are the ideal games for you.  

Are Rick and Morty board games collectible?  

Many of the board games in this list come with custom made models, boards and cards featuring novel artwork based on the series.  If you’re a fan of the show and are looking for special objects for your mantelpiece, many of these game accessories can double up as collectible figures. 

Also, with a great variety of Rick and Morty board games on the market, you can start a venerable collection today.  With such a wide range to choose from, you can always have one that will match your mood.       

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