Best Puzzle Table

Best Puzzle Table

Having a corner on the house dedicated to an activity, rather than having to pull out all of the accessories for the activity, is a big step and an enjoyable one for any hobby. Puzzle tables provide the best way to take pleasure from jigsaws.

You can adjust their height and tilt to match your body perfectly, making the hours spent on it much more comfortable. They also come with interesting extra features that are designed specifically for puzzlers.

Among the most common ones are drawers to separate the pieces into groups and a cover or net that keeps them in place when you are taking a break.

The best puzzle table fits your house style, your height and needs, and it keeps pieces from sliding and falling. Sounds like something you are interested in? We compiled a list of nine great options on the market today!

Best Puzzle Tables

1. Jigthings JIGTABLE

Jigthings - JIGTABLE - Jigsaw Puzzle Table Will Hold All 4 Jigboard Sizes

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The well known Jigthings company has done it again with this truly excellent Jigsaw table. It really makes building your favorite jigsaws as effortless as possible.

Not only is it manufactured to be as easily adjustable as possible, but it also has smooth wheels that mean it can be rolled in and out of position without a care in the world. At the base of the table is a raised lip that will stop your pieces from falling to the ground.

This table is more than big enough to fit puzzles up to 2000 pieces in total, plenty of space for most of the puzzles on the market. It can also reach over an armchair so you can puzzle away to your heart’s content as comfortable as possible.

2. Bits and Pieces – Puzzle Expert Wooden Tilt-Up Table

Bits and Pieces - Puzzle Expert Wooden Tilt-Up Table - Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Accessory Table - Folds for Easy Storage

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This puzzle table by Bits and Pieces is truly stunning to look at and is made from a quality, deep brown colored wood. The legs on this table are made from reinforced material and are very sturdy. They are fully retractable and can be stored away inside the board itself.

This allows you to use the table on your lap or placed on another table. The wok surface is sized at 25” x 24” to accommodate 1500 pieces of a puzzle. Big enough for most on the market today. It is covered with a soft to the touch felt material that will keep your pieces in place nicely.

The board can be raised and lowered like a painters easel to up to 45 degrees angle. A nice feature of this product is the added cover that is included. It can be laced over your unfinished puzzle and it will keep everything in place until you are ready to finish it.

3. Lavievert Adjustable Wooden Puzzle Board

Lavievert Adjustable Wooden Puzzle Board Easel, Portable Tilting Puzzle Table with Non-Slip Flannelette Work Surface for Puzzles Up to 1,500 Pieces

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This model is very simple in its design while still being very versatile and useful in its own right. It is manufactured using high-quality wood and flannelette to prevent pieces from slipping. It’s very large in size and will easily fit 1500 pieces at once.

In contradiction to what you might think, it is very lightweight and can be placed on your lap or floor easily. The angle at which you work can be adjusted to suit your taste too. When you have finished puzzling for the day, you can fold away the legs and store it in a safe location.

4. Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table, Top Adjustable Drafting Table Craft Table Drawing Desk Hobby Table Writing Desk Studio Desk, 42''W x 30''D

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If you require a puzzle table that is full of class and vintage style to match your home decor, then this delight by Studio Designs is just for you. It is more than a simple puzzle table and more like a piece of furniture that will be the centerpiece of your room.

It is large in size at 42“ x 30” and it can be adjusted from totally flat all the way up to 90 degrees. The materials used are high quality and give it a vintage look and feel that we just adore. It has two sturdy legs that anchor it to the ground.

This table does not have wheels so it is not ideal for those looking for more of a movable and portable table. If portability is not a concern of yours, we highly recommend this beautiful model as the best puzzle table for style. 

5. Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Jigsaw Puzzle Table Storage Tilting Folding Table Drawer 1000 pcs Board mat

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The great thing about this puzzle table is its genius design. There are two very useful little drawers on either side of it that are perfect for organizing and storing the pieces of the puzzle. These drawers can be completely taken out and used separately if you wish.

This model is large enough to hold up to 100 pieces in total, which although it is not the biggest it is still fairly large. The surface can be tilted to an angle that suits you and this allows you to build jigsaws on the floor, in bed or in a comfy chair.

This table also has a nifty cover that can be attached to keep your half-finished puzzle in place.

6. H&A Tiltable Drawing and Jigsaw Desk

H&A 47'x 24' Tiltable Drawing Desk Drafting Table Wood Surface Craft Station Versatile for Painting Writing Studying and Reading (Black)

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This table goes for a much more modern design and is useful for much more than simply puzzles. It is made from great looking black wood with metal legs and hinges, and this gives it fantastic longevity and stability.

The table surface can be adjusted to seven different levels for ease of use. Not advertised as a puzzle table as such, we think that this design would be great for puzzle making anyway as well as being of great value.

Then, when you have finished with your games, you can use it for other activities such as art and as a computer workspace.

7. Ultima Fold-A-Way With Tray

Ultima Fold-A-Way W/Tray - Black Base

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This foldaway work table from Ultima is another design that is not just for puzzles and can be used for many other activities. The work surface itself is 42” x 30” making it ideal even for the biggest puzzles.

The surface comes in white and black and you can choose which one to display when constructing it out of the box. It can be adjusted to suit your needs.

It is made from a mixture of metal and wood and will withstand a lot of usage. It also has a neat little storage shelf underneath to keep your things tidy as you work and play.

8. Lavievert Assembly Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Lavievert Assembly Jigsaw Puzzle Bracket/Holder with Double Adjusting Rods for Puzzle Boards of Varied Sizes - Comes with no Puzzle Board

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This design by Lavievert is manufactured from the finest pinewood and can fit puzzles up to 1500 pieces. There are two strands attached to the base that can be extended alternately to create an angled work surface. This model is very lightweight due to the materials used and it is durable.

The setup time is very fast as well with this one and there is no need for tools or instruction manuals to get it done. Be aware though that because it does not have legs it needs to be placed on another surface like the floor, your lap or the dining table.

9. Table Mate Extra Large Folding Table

Table Mate XL TV Tray Extra Large Folding Table Adjustable to 6 Heights and 4 Angles for Eating, Laptop and Multipurpose Use (Mocha)

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If you are looking for something that is freestanding, lightweight and fully adjustable then this simple design from Table Mate could be the one. It has an adjustable surface that can be altered to different angles as well as having the ability to raise and lower the surface to 6 different heights.

The materials used are very lightweight and it does not require much force to move this model around. It is perfect to use when sitting in your comfortable armchair or sofa. Then, when you are finished you can fold it all away to a fraction of the size and store it neatly.

Buyers Guide for The Best Puzzle Table

The complicated issue surrounding puzzle tables is that not all of them are manufactured to be solely used as such. This adds confusion about their suitability for the task at hand. Here are some factors to look for.

Surface size – The table surface is the most important part of the product and you should try and get one that is suitable for your needs. If you are often attempting large puzzles then there is no point getting a compact table.

Surface material – Some people prefer their puzzle tables to be versatile and use them for many activities outside puzzling. Others want their table to be a dedicated puzzle table.

A felt surface is great for puzzling and holds on to the pieces well but is not suitable for anything else. A wood surface is less sticky but can be used for art and computer work.

Legs – The type and size of the legs on the puzzle table will greatly affect how you use it. Most have long legs that rest on the floor and make the table stand alone.

Others prefer puzzle tables that have small foldaway legs that are great for using when sitting down on an armchair or resting on the dining table. The best puzzle table for you depends on how you intend to use it.

Adjustability – Another important feature of puzzle tables is how adjustable the puzzle surface is. The best designs allow you to not only adjust the angle of the surface towards you but also to adjust the height.

Adjustable surfaces are a vital aspect of a good puzzle table and will help you prevent back and neck aches from sitting in an awkward position for too long.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Puzzle Tables

What to do when you are missing a puzzle piece?

Unfortunately, there are not many options if you have lost a puzzle piece. Some of the high-end boutique puzzle makers have an option to reorder a certain piece. Outside of that, the only other real option is to buy the puzzle again.

What size should a puzzle table be?

The exact size of the table depends on your personal preferences but there are not many puzzles out there bigger than 1500 pieces. So, if you get a table that can fit this many pieces then your needs will be almost entirely covered.

Is a puzzle table needed to construct jigsaws?

Puzzle tables are not necessarily needed to build jigsaws, but they do make the process way more enjoyable. Spending many hours arching over a dining table looking at a jigsaw can lead to a range of neck and back issues.

The adjustable surfaces of most tables will save you from this pain. Puzzle tables also save you from losing any of the pieces of the puzzle and mean you can have more fun completing it because you are more efficient at grouping and ordering the pieces.

They are also perfect for older puzzlers who can’t sit awkwardly for too long or simply don’t have the maneuverability they once did.

What size is a 1000 piece puzzle?

Most 1000 pieces puzzles measure around 38” x 14” and a puzzle table always needs to be a few inches bigger than the puzzle.

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