Best Puzzle Board

Best Puzzle Board

In today’s world, you can find products that cater to any and all needs. Sometimes that can seem excessive, but other times, it can change our lives! Using puzzle boards falls into the latter, and all the little features and accessories do make a difference in our enjoyment of the puzzle.

They have raised edges – no more pieces sliding to the ground! They come with drawers to separate types of pieces – group sky pieces with ease! Some can even be closed down and you can carry a half-made puzzle somewhere else without worrying about losing your progress.

What about a round board that you can safely spin around to analyze from all angles?  Excited yet? To help you go into the world of the best puzzle boards, we compiled a comprehensive list of the nine best ones in the market today.

Best Puzzle Boards

1. JIGSORT 1500 – Jigsaw Puzzle case

Jigthings - Jigsaw Puzzle Case Includes Lift Out Puzzle Board for Most Jigsaws up to 1500 Pieces. Puzzle Caddy Jigsaw Storage

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The Jigsort 1500 puzzle board really is the cream of the crop. It features a massive detachable puzzle board that can fit up to 1500 jigsaw pieces. This construction bard is covered in a super soft fabric that won’t scratch your surfaces.

It is not at all heavy and can be moved around the house at your leisure. The case itself is manufactured to a high quality and has four retractable puzzle piece drawers so you can group your puzzle pieces for an easier build.

It is also very good to look at and is fully zippable and portable. It will be a breeze to take your puzzles in the car or even on holiday.

2. Gibsons The Puzzle Board

Gibsons The Puzzle Board

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This puzzle board is made by the puzzle legends at Gibsons. They are famous around the world for making top quality games for all ages since 1919! This board is very well made and is incredibly sturdy while also being lightweight and durable.

Suitable for up to 1000 pieces, this board has a non-slip surface with slightly raised edges so you don’t lose your pieces at all. This board is just perfect for storing away neatly in the wardrobe or garage until the net tie you want to use it.

3. Lavievert Oxford Cloth Jigsaw Puzzle Case

Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Case Portable Puzzle Storage Puzzle Board with Six Sorting Trays for Up to 1,500 Pieces - Blue

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This excellent puzzle board and carry case is made from luxurious Oxford cloth, nylon and felt fabrics. This makes it much lighter than your average wooden ones, and the best puzzle board to carry around.

Inside the case, are six storage trays to hold all your pieces and even group them into different sections like edge pieces and sky pieces. The mainboard can be taken out and used separately if you so wish.

It also has two neat little storage straps so that you can store away finished puzzles without having to dismantle them. The outer design has a handle you can use to carry your builds anywhere you please.

4. HZW Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzle Board

HZW Jigsaw Puzzle case Puzzle Board, 1000/1500 Piece Puzzle Caddy Portable Puzzle Storage Case, Best Gift for Puzzle Lovers and Adult Children,1000 pc 31.8x21.7 inch

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This puzzle board with a carry case by HZW is another gem. On the main puzzle board you will find a smooth tough material that is perfect for jigsaws. You can fit up to 1000 pieces on this board too.

In addition, if you are not finished and want to carry the puzzle elsewhere to do so, this design has a unique material that holds the puzzle pieces in place when it is closed.

You simply open it up and carry on where you left off. This board is designed so that there is as little stress as possible when having to pack away a partly built jigsaw.

5. JIGBOARD 1500

jigthings JIGBOARD 1500 - Jigsaw Puzzle Board for up to 1,500 Pieces from

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This board from Jigthings is absolutely huge and can handle up to 1500 pieces at one time. That is about as large as you will ever need. The building materials are super high quality with a solid build surface and a soft fabric covering that avoids any damage to the tables.

The board pack also features a so-called ‘jigmat’ that is used to protect an in-progress build. Not only that, but this board is so versatile that it can be used to play other family games such as dominoes, dice games, and card games.

This puzzle board comes very highly rated in the community and is an all-round gem.

6. ATDAWN Round Jigsaw Puzzle Spinner

ATDAWN Round Jigsaw Puzzle Spinner

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The ATDAWN jigsaw board is special because it is round and not rectangular like most other offerings. This unique circular design lets you spin the board around to look at the pieces from different angles. The swivel function is done using ball bearings in the base.

This makes the action smooth so pieces don’t fly off the board.  It is constructed from quality composite wood and solid hardwood that makes it very long-lasting. The board itself is covered in a pleasing green non-slip felt that keeps your pieces just where you want them.

7. JIGBOARD 1000

Jigthings - JIGBOARD 1000 - Jigsaw Puzzle Board for Most Puzzles Up to 1000 Pieces

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This puzzle board comes in at a reasonably big 30 inches and has a puzzle piece capacity of 1000. The material used is very lightweight making it simple to maneuver and take from place to place. It is covered in a soft fabric that protects the surfaces in your home.

Again, if jigsaws are not what you are doing at the moment, then you can use this for other games too. Its thin frame will mean you can store it under your bed or in a wardrobe without too much hassle.

Be aware though that it does not have any added extras like a carry case or storage pockets. This is one of the best puzzle boards for those who value simplicity, since what it does do, however, it does very well.

8. JIGSORT 1000

jigthings JIGSORT 1000 - Jigsaw Puzzle case for up to 1,000 Pieces

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This puzzle board and carry case from Jigthings is another great choice if you are looking for a medium-sized puzzle board that can be safely taken everywhere.

It is suitable for up to 1000 pieces and features a fast pack system that allows you to store away partly finished jigsaws for the next day of use. It has four sorting trays for puzzle piece organization too.

The outer case is made from a long-lasting cover that will not fade or break and it all can be zipped up tight when on the move.

9. Ravensburger Puzzle

Ravensburger Puzzle-Storage Puzzle Storage (300-1000 Piece)

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This puzzle board from Ravensburger is a modern take on the traditional puzzle board concept. It can be used for puzzles up to 100 pieces and features many different compartments to sort and store your pieces built into the box.

The box is made from a shiny smooth plastic and the puzzle board itself can be safely stored inside when not in use. The case also features a handle for easy transportation so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

The board is very smooth and as a result, the pieces do tend to slide around. This can be easily solved with a little felt inlay as needed.

Best Puzzle Board – Buyers Guide

In the modern age, puzzle boards are not just a plain piece of wood anymore. They are all made from a wide variety of different materials, come in lots of sizes and shapes and with different ideas on stage solutions. Here is what to look out for when choosing the ideal puzzle board for your needs.

Size of the board – The main feature that you should look out for is the size of the building surface on the puzzle board. It is wise to consider the general maximum size of the puzzle that you will be building.

This can be measured in actual measurements or the number of pieces that the puzzle contains. Obviously, the bigger the better if money is not an issue.

Materials it is made from – The materials used to construct the board are also important, they can have an impact on many factors. First amongst these is the durability of the board.

A good piece of wood is preferable, as is a leather case. The board surface should have a nice felt-covered or something similar. This will stop the pieces from moving too much and will not spoil with use creating an uneven working surface.

You don’t want a board using very heavy materials as it will be awkward to move around too.

Design – There are two main designs of puzzle boards in today’s market. These are puzzle boards with or without a carry case built into them. Of course, the choice on which one is best for you depends on whether you are someone who takes your puzzling out and about with you regularly.

A lot of people I know love to take their puzzle cases with them on holiday, when camping or caravaning, even to a friend’s house. If this sounds like you then a puzzle board with a carry case would be ideal. If you are not as much of an outdoors person then you could simply go for the basic puzzle board.

Another design consideration is whether it has additional puzzle piece pockets for safekeeping. If you’re like me, then they are a must because I am very clumsy and keep losing them all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Puzzle Board

Do puzzles help children’s development?

Yes they do, in many ways. They help with cognitive function as the child uses their hands and eyes to build. They help with problem-solving skills and improve patience and logical thinking.

On top of all this, they help train short term memory as your brain is challenged to remember the locations of the pieces.

What is the youngest a child can do jigsaw puzzles?

Children as young as 3 years old can have the ability to learn the rules behind building jigsaws and be able to do the simple ones on their own. It is actually good to start children learning new skills early.

If the puzzle is a little more complex than the child can always build it with the supervision of an adult for guidance. Any younger than three and the concepts may be a little too complex to pick up.

Not to mention the physical act of playing the pieces in the correct place could be tough.

What can I use for a puzzle board?

If you absolutely don’t want to purchase a puzzle board, you can use a piece of cardboard, some wood, the floor or your dinner table. Purchased puzzle boards, however, come with many extra features that make the play way more enjoyable.

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