Best Nanoblocks Set

Best Nanoblocks Set

There are always those kids that stand out from your childhood, the ones who used to break apart their toys and then try to put them back together. I was one of those kids. Sometimes, the pieces would rejoin, and the toy will not have suffered any damage. Other times, I would be left with a jumble of parts and no way for the toy to be whole again.

As the collection of broken toys grew, my parents got weary of my antics and refused to buy me any more of them. That is until they realized that building blocks were the perfect solution. I would not be deprived of enjoyment and could construct and pull apart figures as I pleased.

Nanoblocks provides a wide variety of sets, from constructing buildings like the Taj Mahal to making magical unicorns. Below is a list of our best Nanoblock sets:

Best Nanoblock Sets

Nanoblock Airliner Building Kit

Nanoblock Airliner Building Kit

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When you are stuck at home and cannot physically sit in an airplane, your next best bet is to make your own plane. Albeit, it will not actually fly, nor will it be large enough to sit inside, but the process of building it will keep your mind occupied.

This is a commercial jet, with twin engines, anchored on a stand. The result will look like it is just about to take off from the runway.

You will have 500 pieces at your disposal, with a difficulty level of 3. Blue parts for the tail, white for the upper body, light grey for wings; not be confused with the dark grey for the windows.

There is even a little red light on the wing for a truly authentic building experience. All of the parts are small-sized to capture the minutest detail.

Nanoblock Ramen Noodles Building Set

nanoblock Ramen Noodles Building Set

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I could not have gone through college without ramen by my side. No matter if you have exams, you are sick, or need a quick meal, ramen will always be there. While this nanoblock ramen set is fancier than the ingredients I could afford at that time, it still captures the essence of an exam night dinner.

With 140 pieces, this set has a difficulty level of 2. This means that it can also be constructed by an 8-year-old, following the instructions that come with the set.

You will have a white and red bowl to hold your ramen. Greens to add a healthy touch, along with brown broth and meat. You can add two eggs as a garnish, complete with a bright yellow yolk.

For the final touches, you will have two chopsticks bringing out noodles from the bowl. While this may look good enough to eat, please do not; these are still plastic blocks.

Nanoblock Bonsai Matsu Deluxe Edition Building Kit

nanoblock - Bonsai Matsu Deluxe Edition World Famous, Advanced Hobby Series Building Kit, Green (NB039)

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Maintaining a real bonsai tree is a lot of work. You need to trim it, water it, give it sunlight, basically care for it like it is your child. If you worry that taking care of a living thing is not your forte, this nanoblock bonsai should be the perfect fit for you.

You can experience the tranquility of caring for a bonsai by building this one from the ground up.

With 1200 pieces, it may take you some time to make. Your first step will be laying the black tile your pot will rest on. Upon it will be a grey ceramic pot to hold your bonsai. You will lay down a layer of green grass with grey rocks to further the aesthetic.

Finally, you can start building the tree. You can adjust its height and layers as you like, depending on how long you want to spend construction.

Nanoblock Sailing Ship Building Set

nanoblock Sailing Ship Building Set

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If I were in an alternate reality, I would have loved to become a pirate. Roam the open seas, get into ship wars, and loot gold. For anyone with similar aspirations, assuage yourself with this three-mast sailing Schooner.

A schooner is any ship with more than two masts, so do not worry; it is not the name of the vessel; you can name it yourself.

This set is one of the more extensive and tougher ones, with 2490 pieces at a level 5 difficulty. However, you can slowly build this up, starting from the sea you will set sail on. You can decorate your ship with statues, create your crewmates, and hang your three-step sails to blow in the wind.

Nanoblock New York Skyline Building Set

nanoblock New York Skyline Building Set

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Even if you have never visited the city, you will have come across the New York skyline in a movie or a TV show. There are a few iconic sites present in New York that are worth experiencing.

A few of these include the lush Central Park, the statue of Lady Liberty, and the illustrious Empire State Building. Rather than hurting your neck while looking up at these structures in real life, you create them sitting in your lounge with this nanoblock set.

Having 1480 pieces, this is an extensive set to create an outline of the city. Building this will also be quite a challenge as it is on a level 4 of difficulty. You can make this a family activity, where each person works on one particular part of the city, may it be the buildings, roads, or waterways.

Nanoblock Grand Piano

Nanoblock Grand Piano - Black

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Pianos produce very soothing melodies. If you have always dreamed of displaying a grand piano in your living area but could not afford it, this nanoblock set will come to your aid. Do keep in mind that this will be quite small compared to an actual piano, and you cannot actually play it, unfortunately.

This set is comparatively easier to build with 170 parts and only level 2 on the difficulty scale. You can create the seat, arrange the keys, set the pedal and stands, and your grand piano will be ready.

Nanoblock Golden Gate Bridge Building Kit

Nanoblock Golden Gate Bridge Building Kit

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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a common sight for desktop and phone wallpapers. You might feel like creating your own wallpaper with this bridge but may not able to visit the city. I will tell you how you can capture the perfect picture with this set.

With 380 pieces and being on the third level of difficulty, you can quickly build this. You will have the suspensions, traffic on the bridge, boats under the bridge, and the Pacific Ocean to set the scene.

To capture the effect of a sunset, just place a dimmed lamp behind the bridge. Viola, you will have your next wallpaper.

Nanoblock Colosseum Building Kit

Nanoblock Colosseum Building Kit

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To be a gladiator in historic Rome, fighting in this amphitheater with thousands cheering you on. For all the history buffs out there, this set is for you. Containing 320 parts, you will be able to construct your own Colosseum.

You can start with the grassy outer area, decorated with trees. Then comes the bricks to build the theatre, fitted with benches for spectators. Follow the instructions to make the shape accurately, or you might end up with just a nice whole arena instead of the Colosseum.

Nanoblocks – 3 Sets – Pikachu, Squirtle and Eevee

Nanoblocks - 3 Sets - Pikachu, Squirtle and Eevee - Adjustable Pokemon Characters (Japan Import)

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This Pokémon set is perfect for your kids, or even to satisfy your inner child who grew up with these characters. You will have three famous characters to build. There is obviously Pikachu with 130 pieces, including his red cheeks and black tinted ears.

There is Squirtle with 120 pieces, with the lovable turtle shell. Finally, there is Eevee, which has 130 pieces and is adorned with a fluffy scarf. All that is missing are the Poke balls that host these Pokémon.

Nanoblock Unicorn Building Kit

nanoblock Unicorn Building Kit

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Out of all the mythical creatures, the most likely to be real seem unicorns. I mean, they more or less look like horses, with a golden horn attached to their heads. Rather than waiting for one to show up, you can make your own unicorn using this set.

You will have 170 pieces at your disposal, and considering this set is at level 2, it will not be tough to build. Your unicorn will be white, with a blue mane and tail. The hooves and nose are a regular brown, but the horn is a magical golden.

Best Nanoblocks Set Buying Guide

You might have already ascertained from the product list that these blocks are tiny in size. Consequently, the figures you construct will also be small, some that can even fit in your hand.

The name itself suggests the figures’ size, so please do not expect a large display and end up being disappointed. Before you purchase one, keep the following factors in mind:

Skill Level – As mentioned in the product list, there are different levels of difficulty for each set. If you are just starting with these, it would be recommended to purchase a level 2 set, which would have a manageable number of pieces.

When you start to practice building these, you can move onto higher levels, such as 4 and 5, that would test your skills.

Variety – Whether you want to build a character, a famous landmark, or a whole city, there are many sets available to meet all of your needs. Nanoblocks has partnered with Disney to create an exclusive Mickey Mouse and friends set.

They have sights such as the Maoi statues of Easter Island. There is even a mini-series with musical instruments and various animals. You can start from a 100-piece set and then move onto build 3000-piece ones.

Additional Accessories – Since the blocks are small, they might be a little difficult to handle at times. Plus, if you ever need to remove a piece, you do not need to risk damaging the block or your nails by trying to pry it off.

Hence, Nanoblock tweezers would be an ideal choice to hold onto a part. Using these tweezers, it is also unlikely that you will lose a piece.

You might want to showcase a figure as it could be part of a collector’s set. To protect that figure from being knocked down or gather dust, a collector’s case is available to store them in. You can place multiple figures in different cases and link them together. This would help you build a whole collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Glue These Sets Together?

If you want a set to maintain its shape after construction, you may glue it together. However, ensure that the glue is water soluble, or gel based to control the flow and not damage the pieces.

I would not recommend gluing the blocks together, especially for extensive sets. While immortalizing figures is understandable, you will lose a certain amount of flexibility for more massive sets. There is no strict rule that you need to follow the instructions thoroughly.

You can change up buildings, add-in infrastructure not present in the picture, basically, be as inventive and creative as possible.  If you glue the set, you cannot deconstruct and start over from a new perspective.

How to Build the Set Without Mixing Up the Colors?

You should lay out a plan before starting to build. Identify prominent areas first, and see the colors associated with that area.

You can separate those colors into small cups and label them according to the place they will fit into. With the blocks left, you can identify the minute details they will aid in enhancing.

Can You Get Replacement Parts?

While you cannot get blocks separately, there are already extra pieces included in the set for imaginative articles you might want to build. They have kept in mind that since the pieces are small, some will likely get lost. To make up for that, you can use the additional elements included.

I would also like to add that these sets are very affordable, especially the mini ones. Since they are around $20 each, you can easily buy new sets to try out.

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