Best LEGO Sets Under $50

Best LEGO Sets Under $50

LEGO sets and toys are generally pretty expensive, but there’s a broad list of bundles that is available at a budget price. These sets are generally not too versatile, but they’re made from the same material boutique LEGO bricks are constructed from, they sport as many details, and they’re just as fun to play with.

Today we’ve taken the top 10 best LEGO sets under  $50 reviews for a ride and wanted to share our findings with you, so without any further ado, let’s get straight to the reviews.

Best LEGO Sets Under $50

1. Townhouse Toy Store

LEGO Creator 3in1 Townhouse Toy Store 31105, Cool Buildable Toy for Kids Building Kit (554 Pieces)

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The first item on today’s menu is LEGO’s Townhouse Toy Store. This is a perfect beginner LEGO set that encourages creativity and boosts the imaginative capabilities of youngsters in the sense that it’s pretty easy to assemble while running through several themes of daily life situations. 

It sports 554 bits and pieces, including a toy store, a cake shop, and a beautiful flower shop, as well as several LEGO figurines and models. 

Since the main building is a 2-story one, it can be separated and used as two standalone objects. The Townhouse Toy Store is a part of the LEGO Creator branch, which means that it’s nearly infinitely expandable and will fit nicely with other sets from various themes. There are plenty of details in terms of small pre-assembled objects, such as the candy dispenser, little lamplights, and flower terraces. 

Overall, the Townhouse Toy Store is a versatile 3-in-1 LEGO set that is perfect as both a standalone set or as an addition to your pre-purchased LEGO brick bundles. 

2. LEGO Architecture London

LEGO Architecture London Skyline Collection 21034 Building Set Model Kit and Gift for Kids and Adults (468 Pieces)

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London is a beautiful city that is easily recognizable by the Big Ben tower, by the beautiful Tower Bridge, and of course, by the London Eye observation wheel. LEGO features their own interpretation of London by providing the literal ‘building blocks’ for a toy model of this magnificent town. 

The LEGO London set features all of the monumental highlights you’d normally see in this city, but what’s beautiful about it is the fact that you can play a sort of a ‘town maker’ by rearranging the positions of these places and buildings. 

This bundle features 468 pieces that can be used to construct a Big Ben, the Tower drawbridge (along with both towers), the Nelson’s Column, and the reputable National Gallery. However, this is not exactly a ‘child’s set’ because it comes supplied with a lot of very small pieces.

It’s recommended for children above the age of 12, and it’s a perfect gift for young, aspiring architects. 

3. LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Match

LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Match 75956

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Regardless of whether you’re a Potter fan or not, the Quidditch Match LEGO set will probably come into your radar eventually. This is a remarkable 500-piece set that features figurines of familiar faces, such as Ron Wesley, Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, and of course, the ‘child who lived’. 

The blocks within this set can be used to construct the Quidditch hoops and the four towers that represent four Wizard houses; there are also several other elements to the Quidditch Match set, such as the ‘golden snitch’, the golden trophy, the Quidditch supply chest, and several others.

Sadly, this set is not exactly versatile in the sense that it leaves little room for creativity during the construction. The hoops are and towers are pretty much meant to be exactly what they are, but even so, this set offers hours of fun and entertainment atop of the fact that it looks aesthetically perfect.

4.  LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base

LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base 41038 Building Set

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The Tiger Hot Air Balloon Jungle Rescue is a tropically-themed toy set that belongs to the LEGO Friends branch. It comes supplied with 302 pieces and is comprised of two ‘Rescuer’ figurines, four animal figurines, and the Hot Air Balloon. 

Not only is this LEGO set a beautiful toy package, but it’s also highly educational. It offers children an entertaining glimpse of what wildlife is, as well as a beautiful ambient to have fun with. 

What’s more, the ‘hero’ figurines are customizable; most of their parts are interchangeable, including the body, legs, arms, and hair. Obviously, the animal figurines are 1-part models, so they can only be affixed in a certain position, you can’t really change their parts.

This is a small low-cost LEGO brick set that sports uniquely designed figurines and features, and it’s a great set for kids over the age of seven.

5. Heartlake City Hospital

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Hospital 41394 Best Doctor Toy Building Kit, Featuring Friends Character Emma, New 2020 (379 Pieces)

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Here we have the Heartlake City Hospital bundle; a perfect gift for young doctors, nurses, and surgeons. As simple as it looks, this LEGO set is actually pretty well-rounded and packed with beautifully designed pieces, models, and figurines. 

Apart from the fact that you can convert the 2-story hospital into several smaller offices, there’s a ton of props that can be used to create an ambient that is totally different from that of a hospital. 

The details of Heartlake City Hospital set are truly amazing; there are three figurines onboard, a couple of flower pots, an ambulance car, a wheelchair, a set of stairs, and plenty of other interesting pre-built items. 

This set is excellent for pretty much everyone; it’s recommended for children, teens, and adults over the age of six, and it contains 379 of beautifully designed LEGO bricks and pieces. 

6. Monster Burger Truck

LEGO Creator 3in1 Monster Burger Truck 31104 Building Kit, Cool Buildable Toy for Kids (499 Pieces)

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The Monster Burger Truck is one of the coolest LEGO vehicle sets that belong to the Creator branch. Not only does it look great, but the truck is actually mobile and can be used to ‘drive’ around the figurines that come with the set.

Speaking of which, the Monster Burger Truck bundle features a makeshift tire-table, a couple of seats, a tasty-looking burger, two figurines, a customizable dog figurine, and 492 vehicle parts. 

One of the main reasons why this LEGO set is intended for children above eight is that the vehicle itself features many tiny bits and pieces. The truck can be assembled in three different ways, as a burger-selling station, as a regular monster truck, or as a towing machine.

7. The Lighthouse of Darkness

LEGO Hidden Side The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431 Ghost Toy, Unique Augmented Reality Experience for Kids (540 Pieces)

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The Lighthouse of Darkness is a hugely interactive LEGO set from the Hidden Side branch that utilizes digital technology merged with the familiar reliability and sturdiness of LEGO bricks. 

This bundle can be used with an application that you can use to trigger various effects that can be seen on a smartphone. These ‘ghosts’ that are not actually ‘physical’ figures are a crucial part of the set as they reward you with special points when you catch them on your phone. 

Lighthouse of Darkness LEGO bundle rocks the Grimsmouth Cove tower, five very detailed figurines, and a huge variety of props that you can use to customize the setting to fit into any kind of ambient.

This set sports 540 wonderfully designed and highly durable pieces and it’s suggested for children, teens, and adults over eight. 

8. LEGO San Francisco

LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection 21043 San Francisco Building Kit Includes Alcatraz Model, Golden Gate Bridge and Other San Francisco Architectural Landmarks (565 Pieces)

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Here we have another little challenge for young creators and architects – the LEGO San Francisco from the LEGO Architecture branch. 

The San Francisco model sports a detailed and accurate interpretation of this amazing city, and it rocks the building blocks for all the important landmark locations, such as the Salesforce Tower, the Fort Point, Alcatraz Island, the Golden-Gate Bridge, the 555 California St. And, of course, the Transamerica Pyramid. 

This is a 565-piece set meant for persons over the age of 12 due to the plethora of small that youngsters might end up swallowing by accident.

Apart from the landmark locations, the LEGO San Francisco set rocks a multitude of props, such as a pack of smallish houses, a ferry station, and the hills that the actual town of San Francisco rests upon.

One of the things that makes this LEGO bundle unique is that all of the build-able objects are remarkably tall; the dimensions of the assembled set measure six inches in height by eleven inches in width by two inches in depth. 

9. Batmobile: Pursuit of the Joker

LEGO DC Batman Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker 76119 Building Kit (342 Pieces)

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Fans of the Batman universe are going to be thrilled about the Batmobile: Pursuit of the Joker LEGO set. Essentially, it sports 342 pieces, including the Batman figurine, the Joker figurine, various bat gadgets, and building blocks for the amazing Batmobile.

The vehicle itself is highly customizable, and it actually sports a couple of interactive parts. The built-in machine guns, for example, can be outfitted with round-shaped bullets that the Batman can use to hunt Joker down. 

Furthermore, the rear engine rocks a fire-like texture that is twistable, mimicking the aesthetic of actual flames. Batamobile’s wheels are designed in such a way that it can move just like a regular toy car, which is probably the best feature of the entire set.

10. Golden Mech

LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Golden Mech 71702, Cool Toys for Kids Building Kit, New 2020 (489 Pieces)

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Let’s wrap things up with the Golden Mech from the Ninjago series. Essentially, the Mech is a golden-colored ninja robot that is facing off against four Shaolin figurines; the set is meant for children above the age of eight, and it features 489 pieces.

The figurines are just as important as the Mech itself; they interpret Lloyd Wu, the Golden Ninja; General Kozu, as well as the Stone-Army Scout. 

Although it doesn’t come supplied with any interactive features, it is slightly more affordable than most models in our review and it packs quite a punch in terms of value for the buck.

LEGO Sets under $50 Buying Guide

Since the financial bar is already set at $50, you’ve already taken a major factor out of the way. Although the rest should seem like a breeze, there might be more to budget LEGO sets than most people think.

First and foremost, you should consider how old your child (or children) is before venturing onwards. Each LEGO set features the ‘recommended age for use’, which is individual to each bundle. 

Furthermore, you’ll want to get a set that offers as many pieces as possible. Certain (smaller) sets are bundles of 100 pieces t best, while some of the finest LEGO packages under $50 offer as many as 500+ parts. 

You shouldn’t worry too much about durability since all LEGOs are essentially made from the same material, and that includes the sets within the budget price point category.

Your next step should be deciding on the theme. There’s at least one high-quality budget LEGO set in each category, so you’ll be able to pick from the Architecture branch, the Batman universe, Minecraft-based puzzles, the Creator generation, and of course, the LEGO Technic sets that are typically just slightly more expensive than average.

The theme often dictates the versatility of the set, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. For example, most Harry Potter and Spiderman sets are available at a very approachable price while the bundles belonging to Architecture and Technic categories often cost quite a bit.

You should also try to squeeze as much value out of your budget LEGO set – does it comes supplied with figurines and other props? Does it come outfitted with interchangeable parts and any active components? Can it be disassembled and used with other LEGO sets? These are all the questions you should answer before deciding on which low-end LEGO set feels the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LEGO sets under $50 quality bundles?

Since all LEGO sets are manufactured from the same materials, it’s more than safe to say that even the cheapest LEGO packages are worth the money.

What are some of the main differences between a $50 LEGO set and a $100 one?

More expensive LEGO sets come supplied with more versatile features and they typically have a larger number of pieces (features), most of which are interactive. 

What are some of the best LEGO sets under $50?

LEGO Minions, the Iron Bull Tank, the Iron man Hulkbuster, and the LEGO San Francisco are definitely some of the finest LEGO bundles ever. They are substantially more valuable and better-rounded than most budget model..

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