Best LEGO Sets Under $100

Best LEGO Sets Under $100

Although there are LEGO sets that cost well above $1,000, the models within the range span of $75 to $100 are considered as ‘advanced’ sets.

You’ll be able to find much diversity here, as these toy bundles are much more versatile than their cheap counterparts, they usually have more pieces, and with some luck you might even end up with some Technic packages. 

Best LEGO Sets Under $100

1. Harley Davidson Fat Boy

LEGO Creator Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269 (1023 Pieces)

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The first LEGO set under $100 on our list is the Harley Davidson Fat Boy bike. This is a remarkable model of one of the most iconic motorbikes on earth; the replica is authentic to the point where it sports a variety of very unique features, such as the solid-disc wheels, the big, fat tires, and the fuel tank packed with an integrated speedometer. 

One of the best things about the LEGO Harley Davidson Fat Boy bike is that every single feature is incredibly detailed.

The set is comprised of a variety of the classic building blocks, but it also sports various rods, poles, and connectors that are completely unique to this particular bundle, such as for example, the flip-down kickstand, the fork suspension, and the rotatable tires.

This LEGO set is meant for young adults, as it features more than a thousand pieces, all of which require some patience, skill, and observation in order to be properly fitted onto the bike. 

2. Demon Bull King

Next up is the Demon Bull King Lego set that belongs to the Monkie Kid LEGO branch. It sports 1051 pieces, including three warrior figurines – the Monkie Kid (with his monkey king bar), the Pigsy and his fork of doom, and the Princess Iron Fan with her exquisite polearm. 

The Demon Bull King is a massive, raging juggernaut equipped with a ton of blazing weapons; it sports a long flaming halberd, a built-in flamethrower, and back-mounted grenade launchers (that can actually shoot small LEGO-block ammo). 

One of the most interesting features of the Demon Bull King is the ‘light brick’ core; its ‘heart’ emits a fiery light, intimidating his opponents as much as the heavy weaponry he is outfitted with.

3. LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500

LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 Toy Car Building Set for Adults and Fans of Model Kits Sets Idea (960 Pieces)

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We’re moving on to the classic realm of LEGO vehicles. Out next recommendation is the Fiat 500 model that sports 960 pieces and is recommended for teens and adults over 16 years old. It’s definitely not a starting LEGO kit as it’s not that easy to assemble, but doing so will certainly be rewarding. 

The LEGO Fiat 500 features all of the authentic elements of the actual Italian Fiat 500 car, including the retractable trunk with a connector for luggage, rotatable tires, a license plate, plastic windows,  a roll-back roof, a built-in engine in the hatch, and an absolutely ravishing interior.

Another cool feature of this LEGO brick set is the painter’s easel with a palette of four colours, a smallish painter’s brush, and the finished painting of the Fiat 500 right next to the Coliseum.  

What makes this LEGO set so valuable for the money is the fact that nearly all of its parts are pretty interactive and movable. Apart from its vintage-style outlook and the myriad of features it comes supplied with, it also offers hours of fun to whoever is assembling it. 

4. NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266 Building Kit (1,087 Pieces)

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Young, ambitions kids and teens who are dreaming of becoming astronauts, we recommend the NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander LEGO Creator set to you. This bundle is comprised of 1087 LEGO pieces, including two astronaut figurines and a huge variety of fun props. 

The stages of the Lunar Lander are fully detachable, and it sports hundreds of little features that deserve much patience and attention. This is definitely not a beginner LEGO set, but it’s very entertaining to assemble.

Even though it doesn’t have many figurines, the Lunar Lander features absolutely unique interior and exterior to compromise for it. 

5. LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House

LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House 10267 Building Kit (1,477 Pieces)

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The Gingerbread House is an absolute classic LEGO set. This Christmas-themed brick house features a massive amount of props that can be used to decorate the detail-rich house; it sports 1477 pieces and is recommended to children (and adults) over 12 years old. 

This LEGO bundle exudes the warmth of a homely atmosphere as it sports the Gingerbread family figurines, along with a decorated Christmas tree, plenty of Christmas presents, and a variety of extra props. 

It’s a massive set that might take a while to assemble, but the past part of it is that it sports a very uniquely designed interior. The chocolate-bar beds, the lollipop lamp stands, and cocoa-filled furniture are all part of the Gingerbread home. 

Despite the fact that it comes supplied with a massive amount of assembly pieces, the Gingerbread house is actually pretty easy to put together. Its core elements are pretty obvious, and whenever you are in doubt you can simply let your creativity and imagination do the rest. 

6. Disney Steamboat Willie Building Kit

LEGO Ideas 21317 Disney Steamboat Willie Building Kit (751 Pieces)

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The Steamboat Willie shares the vintage black-and-white Mickey Mouse theme; it’s actually a replica of an old S.S. Willie Steamboat from the 30s that sports 751 pieces and two figurines – Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse. 

Due to the black-and-white aesthetic (as opposed of LEGO’s traditional vibrancy and vividness), this particular set is quite hard to find; it sticks out and exudes an aura of nostalgia, and even though it’s usable and recommended for children over 10, it’s typically favoured by adults. 

This LEGO set rocks a 2-level deck, a steam-powered wheel, steam towers, a hook line, and the building block materials for the other parts of the boat.

7. LEGO DC Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion

LEGO DC Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion 76122 Batman Toy Building Kit with Batman and Bruce Wayne Action Minifigures, Popular DC Superhero Toy (1037 Pieces)

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Every child has at some point dreamt of entering the elusive Bat cave in hopes of meeting their favorite superhero, and now with the Batcave: Clayface Invasion LEGO set you might just have the opportunity to make such dreams come true for your young one. It sports 1038 pieces and it is recommended for children above the age of eight.

This LEGO set features six superhero and super-hero villain figurines along with their proprietary weapons, tools, and gadgets, but the feature that definitely takes the spotlight is the highly customizable Bat Cave.

It sports a functional elevator leading from Bruce Wayne’s home into the Bat Cave, the high-tech computer room, the workout gym, the armory, the trophy room, and the transformation tower. 

Furthermore, the Bat Tank is also a huge piece of this LEGO set. It comes outfitted with a minifigure cockpit, a rotating turret, and a detachable block shooter. 

8. Remote Controlled Stunt Racer

LEGO Technic Remote Controlled Stunt Racer 42095 Building Kit (324 Pieces)

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Young tinkerers are going to be absolutely thrilled with the discovery of the LEGO Remote Controlled Stunt Racer. This is one of the most basic LEGO Technic sets as it sports only 324 pieces and is recommended for children above nine years old. 

What makes this LEGO bundle so unique is that its blocks can be used to piece together several remotely-controlled racing cars that can pull off various tricks, gap almost any kind of obstacle, and traverse almost every type of terrain. 

The LEGO Remote Controlled Stunt Racer is a fully-motorized, mobile toy car that comes supplied with a variety of fully functional hardware pieces, including a receiver, a battery box, and two large batteries.

Best of all, you will be able to assemble your very own remote controller and use it to operate the functions of the Stunt Racer. Overall, it’s definitely one of the most entertaining sets LEGO has to offer, and it’s certainly not exclusively for children.

9. Sky Police Air Base

LEGO City Sky Police Air Base 60210 Building Kit (529 Pieces)

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Here we have LEGO’s Sky Police Air Base, which is a highly versatile bundle comprised of the police station, a customizable aeroplane, several police force vehicles, and six figurines (two police officers, two pilots, and two inmates). 

Despite the fact that there are quite a few build-able objects, this is actually a beginner LEGO set comprised of 529 pieces (minus the six figurines, it rocks 523 building blocks). 

The three-story police station is the biggest feature of this LEGO set. It sports jetpack storage, the air-control tower, a rotating and highly functional satellite dish mounted on its roof, tool storage, as well a holding cell equipped with a bed and the breakaway wall. 

Additionally, this set features the getaway car, a police motorbike, and the detail-rich police force aeroplane. 

All things considered, the Sky Police Air Base is a LEGO set that features a multitude of vehicles, a three-story building, plenty of figurines, and a huge number of small, but well designed accessories. It’s perfect for children over the age of six.

10. Dom’s Dodge Charger

LEGO Technic Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger 42111 Race Car Building Set (1,077 Pieces)

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Our final pick of the day is Dom’s Dodge Charger LEGO vehicle. This is actually one of the only sets in our review that belong to the LEGO Technic branch, and even though it’s pretty complex and hard to assemble, it’s one of the most beautifully and intricately designed LEGO bundles available on the market. 

This LEGO set is comprised of 1077 pieces, all of which are various poles, exhaust pipes, connectors, bricks, and LEGO blocks; it does not come outfitted with any kind of props or accessory features.

It rocks all of the authentic elements of the ever-so-famous Fast and Furious Dodge Charger, and it rocks a myriad of iconic parts that the actual car is supplied with, such as the V8 engine, the wishbone suspension, a heavily detailed steering system, moving pistons, as well as nitro bottles and rotatable tires. 

Generally speaking, this set can be considered as pretty advanced; most of the parts have pre-determined places where they need to be fitted, and smaller children under 10 years old might have a hard time tackling its construction process.

LEGO Sets under $100 Buying Guide

There are only a handful of things that you should keep in mind when searching for a $100 LEGO set. First and foremost, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to durability as all LEGO sets are made from the same materials and using the same kinds of technologies. 

What’s different about $100 bundles is the amount of pieces, figurines, and props, so in this case, quantity ‘beats’ quality and adds just a bit more of extra value for the buck. 

The diversity and versatility of $100 Lego sets are also superior in comparison to budget LEGO bundles; in most cases a more expensive set provides you with means to build different environments while also being able to fit inside any given one. 

Additionally, a lot of $100 Lego packages feature unique parts, such as operational motors, wheels, hubs and batteries, especially vehicle-type bundles. 

Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to mention that LEGO sets in the price range of $100 are scattered throughout an increased number of themes. Generally speaking, budget Lego bundles are a bit limited in this regard, and for the price you’ll even be able to score a couple of the exclusive Technic sets. 

Lastly, keep an eye out open for $100 LEGO bundles that sport interactive features; even though some budget sets also offer such functionalities, a huge number of $100 packages have them by default. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a $100 LEGO set and a $50 one?

Essentially, $100 LEGO packages and bundles have drastically more pieces, so it mostly falls down to plain difference in terms of quantity. However, more expensive sets are usually a bit more detailed; in terms of durability, all LEGO sets are of the exact same quality. 

Are there any LEGO Technic sets in the price range of $100?

Yes, there are numerous LEGO Technic sets in this price range, such as the Compact Crawler Crane, Dom’s Dodge Charger, the Camaran, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, and the Rescue Helicopter. However, most Technic sets are a bit more expensive. 

Are $100 Lego sets better suited for adults than kids?

This is not necessarily the case. Almost every LEGO set is suitable for children unless it features miniature parts that are easy to swallow, even the ones that pack over 1,000 pieces. 

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