Best Foosball Coffee Table

Best Foosball Coffee Table

This product is the kind of compromise you reach with your significant other when they say they want a fancy coffee table, and you would rather spend money on a foosball table. I mean, I would go for the foosball table as well. Who doesn’t want to navigate tiny men on a stick to score goals and crush your opponents?

If you are concerned that this table will put a dent in your relationship because of your overly competitive nature, you can use it as a coffee table. A glass will cover most tables, and the tiny men can remain in position till you find another opponent.

The design of these tables is also pretty similar to a typical coffee table, so you do not have to be worried about it standing out in your living room. Below is a list of our top foosball coffee tables.

Best Foosball Coffee Tables

Hanover Foosball Coffee Table with Telescopic Rods

Hanover Foosball Coffee Table with Telescopic Rods and Counterbalanced Players, Blue

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This table is perfect to place inside your recreation or game room. It comes in fun colors such as red, blue, white, grey, and black, and is made from solid wood. All pieces will be present inside the package, and you will have to assemble it yourself.

You can make the assembly a family activity as well. You will have the legs and the rectangular tabletop that would need to be joined according to the instructions. This construction might be a two-person job as one person will have to hold the legs and the top while the other drills them together.

There will also be two balls and a total of 9 players per team on the rods. There is the red and yellow team, with three players on each rod (6 rods in total).

There are two slots from which the balls will be returned after you score a goal. The field has been laminated and covered by a tempered glass top, so chances of the glass breaking are minimal.

Since this is a mixture of a coffee and foosball table, its height is 20 inches. If you are a tall individual, you might have to stand on your knees to play the game.

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

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This table looks like it was designed to be placed inside your drawing room to greet even the most distinguished guests. It is made from solid hardwood, which is a rich brown. The construction of the table contains hand-made details that have been carved out seamlessly.

The foosball element is so well-integrated into this table that it looks like a showcase rather than something that can be played. There are two teams present, red and blue, with nine players on each team.

These men have been hand-painted along with the foosball present. There are also telescopic rods running through the men’s legs, which can be adjusted as you play.

At the top of the table is a glass covering through which you can see the game. There are ball receivers carved into the sides and a bead counter built into the table to keep score.

There is also a shelf below the foosball table to store any items required. I would use this rack to store food and beverages as there is a chance of spillage if you keep them on the glass and play simultaneously.

Barrington Collection Foosball Table

Barrington Billiards Barrington Urban Set - Coffee Table, Grey/Brown, 40''

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This table represents the modern era with its sleek lines, a straight rectangular design, and muted colors. While it may seem straightforward at a glance, there is a sophistication present as the legs are made to give the appearance of concrete rather than actually being made from cement.

The brown base of the foosball table offsets the grey and makes the playing field stand out. The frosted glass pulls the whole look together on top through which you can observe the game or place items on top.

The players are styled more robotically, with the two teams present being grey and black. They fit right into the muted color scheme and are 18 players in total on the table. A reliable wood bead scorer is built into the table’s edge, and octagonal grip handles can accurately control the players.

They have built-in hidden stabilizers under the legs to provide additional balance and for the table to remain even. Even if you do not play much on this, it will look splendid, placed just as a coffee table.

Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42″ Table Tempered Glass Top Tabletop Furniture

Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42' Table Tempered Glass Top Tabletop Furniture Family Dark Brown

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This is a table you can place in your living room, and the family can play whenever they are bored. Simultaneously, all snacks can be placed on the shelf under the foosball field, and the winning team can take the snacks of their pick.

Since the table is 42 inches wide, up to four players can easily play, with one man doing the defending and the other doing the striking.

 The table itself is made from a chocolate brown solid wood. It is very traditionally designed with two expansive spaces to place items. The foosball field is enclosed in a wooden area, covered by a glass top through which you can see your players.

You will have the red and yellow team against each other, and the players are painted by hand in this set.

Steve Silver Diletta Foosball Game Coffee Table with Casters

Steve Silver Diletta Foosball Game Coffee Table with Casters in Walnut

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In terms of looks, most of these tables must start looking very similar to you. The differences are in the details, materials used, and the finishing. In this table, it has a walnut finishing along with iron rods for the players.

There are six handles in total, which control three players each. With the table, you will also receive two foosballs, which can be used in the game through both sides’ entry slots.

You will have to construct the table yourself, so please be careful while using machinery such as drills. It is recommended that you have help while building this so one person can provide support and keep the parts in position.

Picket House Furnishings Rebel Foosball Gaming Table

Picket House Furnishings Rebel Foosball Gaming Table

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This table is one that resembles a typical foosball table more than a coffee table. The coffee table element here is the size and the glass covering on top for placing your belongings.

The table has a fun blue color that would fit nicely into a child’s room or a game room. It would work to brighten up a room instantly, and you would immediately be attracted to play a match or two.

You will have two teams against each other: red and yellow. Each team would have a total of nine players, three on each rod. You aim to score the most goals in your opponents’ slot. However, please ensure that your game remains friendly and fair and no fights occur over a foosball table.

KICK Java 48″ Foosball Coffee Table

KICK Java 48″ Foosball Coffee Table

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While some people may prefer darker colors, I love a lighter brown that is just starting to lean towards red. It seems very bright as compared to the duller brown colors.

If you have a color palette similar to mine, I think you would like this table as well. It is made from hardwood, and the glass has been tempered for added protection.

You get two teams, with a total of 18 players. Here you have blue versus red, with three players on each rod. The glass at the top is clear to shoot the ball accurately, and since the length of the table is 48 inches, you can comfortably play with several players. There is a shelf built at the bottom for additional storage purposes.

Berner 2 in 1 Foosball & Coffee Table

Berner 2 in 1 Foosball & Coffee Table - Antique Walnut

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Our list’s final product is also another variant of the kind of coffee foosball hybrids we have been encountering. The difference in this particular table is the wavy design at the corners of the table that gives it a sophisticated look, along with the antique walnut coloring.

You will have the constant 18 players, and here the teams are black and red. You will have a return slot on each short side for you to get the ball back and a solid grip to maneuver the players. This table also has a lower compartment for storing items while you play.

Best Foosball Coffee Table Buying Guide

After going through all of the recommendations, you might be in love with whoever came up with this hybrid table. However, before you purchase one, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind:

Durability – Please ensure that the table is constructed from a solid material such as wood. Since the table will have to hold the foosball field’s weight and the glass top, the base needs to be sturdy. Additionally, the table should also carry any extra weight on top, such as decorations, food items, and cutlery.

Dimensions – While the length and width will be similar to a standard coffee or foosball table, the height here is of a coffee table. Typically, it will be about 20 inches, so you will either have to sit on a sofa or be on your knees to play correctly.

Replacement Parts – Since these tables are sold as a whole, it is unlikely that you will be able to purchase a separate part from the seller if one piece gets damaged or destroyed. However, if you lose something like the foosball, you can use any regular foosball purchased from a store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Safety Considerations Using These Foosball Tables?

There is a list of warnings I would like to highlight, so bear with me:

The first consideration is while constructing the table. At times you will receive the table as is, but mostly you will have to build it yourself. You might need to operate machinery such as a drill, so make sure you are experienced enough to use one, or you might end up either hurting yourself or damaging the table.

Secondly, once the table is constructed, make sure that all of the parts are securely attached. Try adding on a little weight to see if it can handle it without collapsing, and then build on that weight till you are sure it is stable.

Thirdly, since most tables have glass tops, even though the glass may be tempered, there is still a chance it might break if something heavy is dropped on it. Consequently, do not try to sit on the table or place hefty objects on it as there is a chance it would not support too much weight.

Fourthly, which is also a downside of a foosball coffee table, in my opinion, the rods to control the players will stick out somewhat. Even if the rods are pushed in, and the tabletop is wide enough to cover the rods, they will still get in the way and injure your legs if you move too close to the table.

Finally, I would be cautious with a table similar to those mentioned above if you have younger kids. There are pieces such as the foosball that can be a choking hazard. Also, due to kids’ short height, they might be prone to hitting their heads on a rod.

Should You Purchase Separate Coffee and Foosball Tables or a Combined One?

There several factors that would come into play before making such a decision. Let’s take space, for instance. You might not have adequate room for both a coffee and a foosball table. In that case, a combination would work better.

Next comes your price range. A combination will most likely be a more affordable option rather than purchasing each unit separately.

The rest depends mostly on your preference. There are fashionable designs in a combination product, but you could be looking for a differently styled coffee table. If you can keep all the safety considerations in mind, there are plenty of benefits of the combination table, and you can opt for whichever fills your requirements the best.

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