Best Break Cue

Best Break Cue

When you are starting out to play pool or billiards, you will often be confused with the sheer number of cues and accessories that professional players use. 

A break cue and a jump cue are an indispensable part of your gear as a correct break can significantly impact your game. A strong break can turn the game in your favor and put pressure on your opponent, while a missed opportunity can lead to a loss.

When it comes to break cues, professional players always go for a quality product as it gives a clear advantage in the game.

Best Break Cue of 2020

Players HXTP4 Jump Break Pool Cue Quadruple Threat Pure X

Players HXTP4 Jump Break Pool Cue Quadruple Threat Pure X

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The Players HXTP4 Quadruple Threat Pure X is a Jump Break Pool Cue which features a Mz Multi zone wrap for an enhanced grip. The Blue forearm of this break cue instantly makes it stand out from the crowd. 

It features 4 interchangeable quick-release joints which make it ideal for even the most challenging shots. This include short and long jumps with a precise control over torque and leverage.

Cuetec Meteor Break 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Breaking Cue

Cuetec Meteor Break 58' 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Breaking Cue, 19 ounce

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The Cuetec Meteor Break Cue is made out of durable Canadian Maple wood which offers class leading durability. Weighing at just 19 ounces, this 58″ break cue ensures a solid hit. It is crafted using a hard five-laver cowhide tip, while the bakelite ferrule significantly increases the breaking power.

Cuetec has been an established name in the world of pool and billiards for over 20 years. Their patented designs are a go-to choice for professional an amateur pool players who seek to perfect their game.

The company is directly responsible for over 200 tournament wins including 9 world championships thanks to their high-end cues.

McDermott 58in Star S2 Two-Piece Break / Jump Pool Cue

McDermott 58in Star S2 Two-Piece Break / Jump Pool Cue

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The McDermott Star S2 is a two-piece break/jump cue that features a three-piece construction. Weighing in at just 19 ounces, this 58 inch cue has a Black carbon fiber ferrule. Constructed out of hard rock maple, it offers long-lasting durability.

These cue sticks are handmade from the highest manufacturing norms to ensure exceptional hitting accuracy. Customers often praise the distinct hitting sound that adds to the playing experience. It makes for a great gift for friends and family.

Purex HXT-P1 Break Pool Cue

PureX HXT-P1 Black Quadruple Threat 4-Piece Technology Jump Break Pool Cue, 21-Ounce

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The Purex HXT-P1 Jump Break Pool cue features a quite quadruple threat 4-piece technology which offers shockingly low deflection. It comes with a lifetime warranty that also covers warpage, making it a value purchase.

It features a carbon fiber joint collar along with turbo lock joint pins that can be released quickly. You get 3 separate traction zones which improves grip while providing precise torque control. When you are looking to nail that perfect shot, Purex is the break pool cue that you need.

Players JB5 Midnight Black Jump Break Cue

Players JB5 Midnight Black Jump Break Cue, 21-Ounce

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The Players JB5 jump break cue comes in a trendy midnight black color which is stunningly beautiful. You can choose between different weight options ranging from 18 ounces to 21 ounces. Built from genuine double-pressed Irish linen wrap, this cue offers unparalleled grip. It comes with 2 turbo-lock quick-release pins that are ideal for that medium-soft hit.

This jump break cue comes with a lifetime warranty, giving you an added peace of mind. The tip is made out of bakelite which has superior chalk-holding capabilities. The 14mm tip is designed to withstand heavy-duty of use with minimal wear and tear.

Iszy Billiards 58″ – 2 PCE Break Pool Cue

Iszy Billiards 58' - 2 PCE Break Pool Cue - Billiard Stick Hardwood Canadian Maple 23 Ounce Red, Red - Black (B-Break-2-23oz)

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The Iszy Billards 2 piece break pool cue comes in a gorgeous Red-Black color. Weighting at just 23 ounces, this 58″ cue is made from rugged Canadian maple wood. If you are looking for a break cue that is easy on the pocket, this is a right choice for you.

It features a 13mm leather tip which offers precise control over your shots, greatly enhancing your chances to claim victory. This cue is often for it’s even weight distribution that can positively affect your gameplay.

Elite Break Cue – Heavy

Elite Break Cue - Heavy

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The Elite break cue is made out of AAA grade Canadian maple wood. It comes with a short taper and a 2 inch wooden billiards pin for added convenience. The stainless steel collar along with the black stained forearm gives a touch of class to this cue. The black Irish linen wrap grip offers a non-slip grip. 

The wrap is decorated with White specks which truly makes it stand out. This cue supports the addition of joint protectors that greatly enhances its overall durability. This heavy hitter is ideal for people who cannot generate adequate power in their shots.

VECTOR Thunder Sport Wrap Break Billiards Cue

VECTOR Thunder Sport Wrap Break Billiards Cue - Professional Pool Stick for Men and Women

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The Vector Thunder Sport wrap billiards break cue features a hard leather tip along with a stiff taper. It is constructed out of Grade A maple shaft which offers reliable handling. 

The synthetic rubber wrap provides unmatched grip which enables you to take complete control over your shot. Weighting in at 25 ounces, this cue has a 13.5mm tip. Vector is a brand known for making an extensive line of high-quality, durable pool cues. 

ASKA Jump Break Cue Stick JBC Fireball

ASKA Jump Break Cue Stick JBC Fireball, 3pc Cue, Jump/Break Cue. 13mm Tip, Hard Rock Canadian Maple (25-Ounce)

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The Aska JBC Fireball jump break cue stick features a 3-piece construction. You can choose from various weight classes ranging from 18 to 28 ounces based on personal preference. Made from hard rock Canadian maple, this cue features 2 quick release joints. 

It features a standard 58″ cue length which is covered with a black double-pressed Irish linen wrap that offers an anti-slip grip. This 21 ounce cue offers a superior in-hand feel and gives you a precise control over your shots.

Champion BK3 Jump & Break Cue

Champion BK3 Jump & Break Cue, Pool Glove, Aim Trainer, Pure Shaft Technology, Retail Price: MSRP $289 (Black, 25 oz)

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The Champion BK3 Jump and Break cue features unique quick release joints. It has a 13mm tip along with a carbon fiber collar which ensures great weight distribution. Made out of 100% North American hard rock maple shaft, this cue will last you for years.

This cue comes without a wrap which opens up the possibility for customization. It has a 1″ HXT low deflection ferrule which greatly enhances accuracy. It comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects on all non-wearable parts. The flared handle is great for making short vertical shots. Adding the Air flight and Power driver gives you enhanced torque and leverage. What’s more, this cue comes with a Champion glove which shields your hand from injuries which reducing overall friction.

Best Break Cue Buying guide

Why use a break cue?

Break cues are standalone cue sticks whose sole purpose is to break the initial bridge. Since they are heavier in weight as compared to the regular cues, they enable you to put a lot more power in your break. Any professional will tell you that the initial break is one of the most important parts of a match and your break can be an added determinant of victory when two similarly-skilled players are competing. 

Cheaper break cues vs. higher end break cues

While cheaper break cues are great for beginners, it ends up re-enforcing bad playing habits. This is because once you shift to a high-end break cue, it might take you considerably longer to get adjusted. This may affect your overall gameplay. If you are serious about getting into pool or billiards, it’s always better to invest in a higher quality product to build a strong foundation. At the end, you get what you pay for.

The importance of a joint protector

Joint protectors are add-on accessories for your pool cues from damage. They are designed to protect the pins that connect the pool cue from lint and other debris. This greatly reduces the chance of your cue losing it’s sturdiness and overall weight distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of quick release joints?

A: Quick release joints enable you to disassemble your break cue and put back the shaft and cue butt together within a few turns. This speed can be crucial during heated gameplay. Additionally it will greatly enhance the stabilization between the cue butt and the shaft, making your cue stick feel a lot more solid in-hand.

What’s more, you get a much better weight distribution when you opt for a 2-3 piece break cue with built-in quick release joints.

I am new pool and billiards player, should I buy a high end break cue or the cheaper one?

Pool and billiards are both games that require hundreds of hours of practice to make a significant improvement. If you start out with lower quality break cue, you are simply starving yourself from the complete playing experience.

If you decide to shift to a higher quality break cue later on, you will realize that there is a steep learning curve that goes into the transition. At the end, you might end up taking much longer to improve your game as compared to starting out with a good quality break cue in the first place.

What are the differences between one-piece, two-piece and three-piece break cue?

A one-piece break cue does not have any joints, it’s a single piece of wood, that may be cumbersome to transport, although it’s preferred by some players.

A two-piece and three-piece break cue has two or three joints respectively, which can be disassembled. Note that when choosing a two or a three piece break cue, make sure that the pins are made up of a durable material such as brass.

This is because if you choose a break cue which joints made from wood, plastic or any other common material, you might notice that they do not hold up their straightness over time. Do note that one-piece break cues are the most expensive of the bunch.

How long does a standard break cue last?

A break cue’s working life depends on the wood quality, handling and overall care. You can expect a break cue to last at least six months with heavy-duty use.

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