Best Adventure Board Games

Best Adventure Board Games

You don’t have to leave your house to go on an adventure; you can do it from the comfort of your home! There are many fantastic adventure board games out there that will keep you and your friends entertained with compelling gameplay and fascinating storylines.

Trying to choose the best adventure board game for you can be difficult. That’s why we’ve found the top 10 models out there and have completed in-depth reviews on each of them. If you’re still unsure, then we have a buying guide to clear everything up. Let’s get started!

Best Adventure Board Games

Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games

Cephalofair Games Gloomhaven Multi-Award-Winning Strategy Boxed Board Game for ages 12 & Up, Multicolor

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There are many great fantasy adventure games out there and this is a great example. In Gloomhaven you’ll take the role of a wanderer that has special skills. You’ll work with other players on the adventure as you travel through the ever-changing world. 

The game mechanics are exceptional which adds to the enjoyment and the changing world allows you to play over many different sessions. It’s suitable for 1-4 players and has a playing time of up to two hours.

You’ll enjoy the mix of exploration and character progression which keeps you deeply involved in the story. The game is large and you’ll enjoy being able to play it time and time again. 

LOTR – Journeys In Middle-Earth by Fantasy Flight Games

LOTR - Journeys In Middle-Earth

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Many see Lord of the Rings as the ultimate adventure book and this game is able to live up to those expectations. It’s an epic story and this is an equally epic game. 

The game is played on large map tiles that will give you a wide view of middle-earth. While it may be set in ancient times, this game uses modern technology as it’s app-driven. It works very well and helps the game to have a good flow.

In the game you’ll control your own fellowship and battle against your opponents, use your strategy and build up your skills. The components are high quality and this game is every bit as good as you’d hope it to be. 

Eldritch Horror by Fantasy Flight Games

Eldritch Horror Board Game (Base Game) | Mystery Game | Strategy Game | Cooperative Board Game for Adults and Family | Ages 14+ | 1-8 Players | Avg. Playtime 2-4 Hours | Made by Fantasy Flight Games

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Eldritch Horror was inspired by Arkham Horror but takes it to the next level. It offers the same level of excitement but with a more streamlined rule system. It makes the game easier to play while still offering that epic sense of adventure. 

The game is story-driven and has a wide player range as it can be played solo or with up to eight players. The fast-paced game can take up to 3 hours to play and in that time you’re going to be hooked by the storyline. 

In the cooperative game you’ll travel the globe to try and get rid of the ‘Ancient One’ who is trying to destroy the world. In the process, you’ll be solving mysteries and battling against monsters.

Maximum Apocalypse by Rock Manor Games

Maximum Apocalypse Board Game

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Many people like an apocalypse theme and this game works with that perfectly. The survival game is fairly simple to play but that mechanics allow for a flowing game that lets the adventure play out.

The game never fails to entertain you, as you never have a moment to relax. You’ll have to fight anything that gets in your way and try and escape. There are many different missions to choose from and all of them have excellent replay value.

The 45-90 playing time is shorter than many adventure games while still allowing you to go on a great adventure. It’s suitable for between 1-6 players and ages of 13+.

Robinson Crusoe by Portal Games

Portal Games Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island Board Game

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Robinson Crusoe is one of the most famous adventure board games ever made. That’s because it’s a fantastic game with a compelling story that will always keep you interested. There are seven different scenarios and they’ll all give you an absorbing experience. 

In the game you’ll be able to explore the island while trying to find food, craft tools and make yourself a shelter. While doing this you’ll need to fight any beasts you encounter to try and survive.

It’s many players’ favorite adventure game and it’s easy to see why. It still has immense popularity with that excellent premise of trying to survive as a castaway. The game will last for up to two hours and it great for 1-4 players.

Legends of Andor by Kosmos

Legends of Andor Board Game | Cooperative Strategy Adventure Game By KOSMOS | Spiel Des Jahres Kennerspiel Winner

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Legends of Andor is a game that requires plenty of thinking power. It has a playing time of approximately 60-90 minutes and is perfect for between 2-4 players. 

It’s a cooperative game that contains plenty of puzzles. The game will take you through a series of adventures where you’ll have to battle against enemies trying to take over your kingdom. This gets harder as your enemies get stronger. 

While the gameplay is brilliant, what strikes you initially about this game is the artwork. The components are high-quality and the artwork is beautifully done. It all adds up to an exceptional game that you and your friends are going to love. 

Mice & Mystics by Plaid Hat Games

Mice & Mystics

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Mice and Mystics has a quirky premise but one that turns into an excellent story. It follows a character loyal to the king who has been turned into a mouse. You need to escape evil and race through the castle in an attempt to save the King. 

The adventure board game will keep you interested throughout and the game is highly cooperative. It keeps everyone involved until you win or lose, trying to avoid predators along your way such as spiders and cats.

It may sound light-hearted but the game can get fairly intense. There are eleven different chapters that all unfold at a good pace. It will take around 60 minutes to play and is suitable for up to four players.

Dragonfire by Catalyst Game Labs

Catalyst Game Labs Dragonfire Deckbuilding Board Games

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If you love deck-building games then you’re going to love Dragonfire. It’s set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe and there will be plenty of adventures along your quest. While it may be in the D&D world, you don’t have to have played that to enjoy this.

There are many different cards to choose from and all with their own actions. You’ll be able to build your deck up to something special as you progress through the adventure. 

The game is quite challenging and will require plenty of cooperation to get through it. It’s playable for between 2-6 people and you’ll enjoy being immersed in the story. It doesn’t require much setup and is, therefore, a great idea for vacations.  

Aftermath by Plaid Hat Games

Plaid Hat Games Aftermath: an Adventure Book Game, Multicolor

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Aftermath is a fun adventure game with the main cast being a mix of woodland creatures. In the game each character will have their own goal while also going along with the group’s main goal. It keeps everyone interested and means it’s not 100% cooperative. 

It’s mainly based on cards that will enable you to perform a wide range of actions. Sometimes you’ll need to battle with your enemy whereas at other times it may be all about making peace. As you complete missions your colony will improve and you’ll receive perks along the way.

There are 17 missions that give it plenty of replayability. The stories are brilliant and absorbing while allowing you to have plenty of fun. Its style makes it great for family play, young friends or a group of adults between 2-4 players. 

Runebound by Fantasy Flight Games

Runebound Third Edition

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The story throughout Runebound is truly fantastic. It’s all set in the fictional world of Terrinoth and all of your quests will start from there. You have plenty of choice throughout the game such as exploring lost ruins or perhaps battling monsters.

The game looks fantastic with impressive artwork and a wide range of high-quality components. It’s a game made for between 2-4 players and has a game time of anywhere between 2-3 hours. 

There are two scenarios to play as you can either do battle against Dragon Lord Margate or go up against Rakesh, the Corpse King. Both of them involve plenty of strategy as you and your friends will work together to try and come out on top.

Best Adventure Board Games – Buying Guide

Adventure setting

One of the first things you’ll want to think about is where is your adventure going to take place? Some will have preferences on setting whereas others will be happy with anything. It could be fantasy, sci-fi or something else.

All of these games have their own premise and most people will choose the one their friends are most comfortable with.

Number of players

This is a crucial factor when choosing any game. You should have a good idea of how large your group is going to be. A lot of these games can’t be played by more than four people whereas Eldritch Horror can be played by up to a group of eight. Make sure you’re choosing a game that everyone can play.

Difficulty level

Some board games are easy to play whereas others will be incredibly complex. Are you a hobbyist who loves to play board games or are you a casual player who just wants to have a bit of fun? If you’re worried about keeping everyone’s attention then it may be best to get a game that is easy to pick up and moves along fairly quickly.

Age range

Most games will have a minimum age range guide on them. The right age level for a game will be determined not only by the content of the game but how complex it is. This is only a guide and if you’re buying it for someone else, you can make your own judgment about whether or not it’s suitable.

Game length

Adventure games by their nature tend to be a little longer than some other types. That’s because there needs to be enough time for the story to develop with its twists and turns. While some may be over in 45 minutes, others are going to last for hours.

If you wanted to opt for a longer game then check that the other players will be committed enough to play it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an adventure board game?

There is no set definition of what constitutes an adventure board game. Most of them, however, will follow the same theme. There will be some sort of quest or mission that you need to accomplish. Along the way, you’ll have various conflicts to overcome before eventually achieving your goal.

There is usually an overarching story that the game will follow throughout. The term ‘adventure’ can be fairly subjective but all the games we’ve looked at here have a sense of adventure.

What is the best adventure board game?

In this list, we’ve looked at some of the most famous games in the adventure board game genre. The likes of Gloomhaven, Runebound and Robinson Crusoe have repeatedly topped lists of people’s favorite board games. Everyone is different and the best for one person won’t be the best for another.

We’ve carefully chosen 10 games here that have an exceptional level of quality and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

How to choose the best adventure board game?

The best way to choose an adventure board game is by going through our buying guide and seeing how important each section is to you. What setting do you want? How long should your game be? How complex should the rules be?

Once you can answer questions like this then you’ll quickly be able to build up a picture of the best adventure board game for you. 

What are the most popular adventure games?

Most of the most popular board games wouldn’t really come under the adventure bracket. With adventure board games that will never reach the popularity of the likes of Scrabble or Monopoly, games such as Gloomhaven are immensely popular.

We didn’t want to include and unknowns in our list and all of the games we’ve looked at here have been highly rated by those that have used them. 

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